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Pierre Barbier is Audio Operations Manager at AMP Visual TV.He started his career at SFP in the 1980s as Assistant Operations Engineer.

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In the past, AMP Visual has used alternative technologies, such as induction loops or fully wired earpieces.“In this line of work you don’t get the chance to experiment on the job, so it’s important to be sure that everything in the sound recording package is compatible and free of bugs.I found invisity much easier to use than induction equipment.With over 30 years of on-set motion picture experience, Arthur Rochester has been the Production Sound Mixer on numerous Hollywood movies including The Witches of Eastwick, Something’s Gotta Give, About Schmidt and The Truman Show.In the last few years sound professionals like Arthur have increasingly made the transition from using inductive loop technology to transmit directions and script cues to on-set actors, over to FM-based in-ear receivers.There’s less hardware involved, and I liked the idea of being able to tune my wireless earpieces to different frequencies.

It’s simply a great receiver in a small size, so I decided to use it on Something’s Gotta Give and I’ve used it, to some degree or another, on every movie since, usually paired with a Comtek ESP25 transmitter.” In terms of how invisity is employed on-set, Arthur says this usage usually revolves around script prompting, however there are some interesting exceptions.

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We haven’t used this type of equipment in some time,” Pierre says.

According to him, AMP Visual does fall back onto wired earpieces for some shoots, particularly those with a live audience: “Sometimes we have some problems during applause.

The music she chose to hear in her ear, via the invisity, helped her achieve that,” he says.