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Multi-X stands for multi-export and offers all multi-sample export formats from Sample Robot 5 Pro.You only need to decide whether the Wave Robot option is useful for your work.

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Let Sample Robot clone other instruments and play them in your favorite KORG.Good Vibrations Trailer Video 2017/03/01 Music producers, sound library developers and beat makers work with loops on a daily base.Finding perfect and inaudible loops is a challenging task that can eat up a lot of your creative time. Just load a sample or beat, adjust the 3 search markers and let the Autoloop Search function do the rest for you.We are very glad that he appreciates the application and the workflow.If you like the sounds of retro arcade games, there is a free download for you at the end of the review.Wave Robot 5 is now available in the SKYLIFE STORE for 69€ / 79$ / 75£.

Last but not least we would like to share this nice user feedback by Chad Taylor which we received a few days ago. Sample Robot offered top-notch support when I got stuck while using their software.

Highly developed loop searching algorithms in combination with marker-based fast-zoom editing deliver optimum results.

There is even a backward-forward loop with 2 crossfades available to loop sounds that alter in level over time.

They were patient and thorough and were able to get me up and running very quickly.

Couldn’t have asked for better service or software.

Wave Robot is a fully integrated waveform editor that gives you full control over loops and transients in your samples.