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She s dating the gangster

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Using the mug shot database, he'd painstakingly identified one getaway driver solely from a tattoo on his forearm.And Downs, recovering in his hospital bed where he lay paralyzed, had told him Lockhart had been one of the shooters who tried to kill him. Lockhart wasn't just the son of a murdered drug dealer; he had a politician's knack for schmoozing, and was cunning enough to pull off living parallel lives, volunteering with the anti-violence nonprofit Philadelphia Cease Fire and selling guns to the ATF, all the while creating mayhem with a West Philly drug gang.

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It had been taken more than a month after the guns vanished. JEREMY Meeks famously swapped a life of crime for the fashion world after his handsome mugshot went viral, rising to fame and fortune as the 'hot felon'.Here is everything you need to know about the married father who's filing for divorce from his wife after starting a new romance with Topshop heiress Chloe Green.Lockhart and two other men allegedly barged into the home of an 82-year-old woman in West Philly and ran through the house, looking for valuables to steal.Lockhart was armed with a gun, but still flashed some of his charm.Murray listened carefully, acutely alert despite the long day. He admitted he was down the block when Downs was shot on Angora Terrace. "I heard the first shot and then a bunch more," Lockhart said.

A neighbor claimed he saw Downs and two other men, Hassan Williams, and Kashif Love, near Foster's house the day after the weapons disappeared, Lockhart explained to the detective. He had already gotten a search warrant for the phone but didn't want to reveal it until he saw how Lockhart decided to play things. "I covered my ears and when the shooting stopped I saw them walking off." At this point, Murray felt he had as much as he was going to get tonight.

Deep in his Lockhart research, Murray found himself pulled away and detailed to the papal security beat for several days as Philadelphia was bracing for a late-September visit from Pope Francis.

He amused himself with sarcastic tweets while he tasked with keeping tabs on some Center City businesses. "I mean looooooooove." He and Cydney Pope soon turned up evidence of more criminal behavior, such as an armed home invasion in June 2015.

Their solution: Spend nights and weekends on their own time poring over a couple of years of information pulled from Lockhart's cellphone. Text messages gave Murray and Pope a glimpse into Lockhart's ability to operate in different worlds at the same time.

In one instance, he texted a friend about wanting to get his hands on more guns — all while he was waiting at Philadelphia International Airport to catch a flight to Illinois, where he and his Cease Fire cohorts were scheduled to share their gospel of hard truths with some prison inmates.

Another friend had actually taken the guns, Lockhart insisted.