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Poor creature; he was instructed on how to bake a cake in a very Feminine, seductive way. he was also educated and tested on the transgender spectrum.

And when I so allow, you will fall all over yourself to thank Me for the honor of even being close to Me, much less touch Me. Good slaves don’t lose sight of how lucky they are to even breathe in the same room as their Mistresses.Nothing fancy; quite mundane but true to the essence of authentic, choice-based subjugation. For quite some time now I've been advocating the importance of active dominance for those in an established, long-term, 24/7 Mistress/slave relationship.Watch My personalized creature prepare My breakfast as you listen to My voice discuss the topic of how Female-led relationships can be quite ordinary. To enforce My philosophy I establish core forms of protocol which I enforce and monitor with unyielding conviction.Oh, and guys..sure to click the "next" button under the video in the members section, as there are two clips total to this video!Before stepping into the shower, I decided I’d have some amusement at My towel boy’s expense.I can’t help but mix in some sadism with a noble cause, however.

READ an article I wrote on fasting a slave, and watch the movie inside.

I’m well aware of My sexual power and of course use it to ensnare My males endlessly.

Under such a deeply carnal spell, they are numbed and powerless to resist.

Watch Me hover over My slave’s face as I workout My legs and glutes.

He’ll of course never taste Me directly, but he can squirm in frustrated lust as My ass hovers inches from his face.

With that kept in mind, their expectations, as meaningless as they are, should hardly manage to rudely intervene. As usual I'm shaving My slave's head— erasing all traces of that clinging ego. I've noticed more and more of My sister Dominas doing the same thing and I love it.