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Sexy hot text chat

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)Step #4 - The ins and outs of lurking"Lurk" before you leap.

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These acronyms change and develop all the time, so keep up with the zeitgeist.Step #2 - Know The Rules Of Chat This site whas rules while others have a frequently asked questions page, read them carefully.Many sites are very specific about what is allowed and what isn't, and you don't want to start off on the wrong foot. [With a picture of your inner thigh or cleavage — without showing anything X-rated.]Had a very dirty dream about you last night. See if you can decipher this abbreviation: OMG IWUIMUsing one hand to write this text and press the send button. Just went to the bathroom at the [bar/party/restaurant] and took off my underwear. At work having very NSFW thoughts about throwing you down on my desk... Why don't you come over and help me get dirty again?

I know you're busy today, but can you add one thing to your to-do list?

Therefore the use of smilies, or emoticons, are often applied to clarify the meaning of a posting.

There are thousands of variations of these, if you are not sure of a particular smilies meaning have a quick internet search. Don't give out any personal details - this includes your address, phone number, bank details, full name, passwords or work place.

This means that you should get a feel for the topic being discussed and the tone being used. If you are making a specific comment about an earlier message, include that part of the message as a quote with your response below.

This also stops you from repeating another User's posting. Step #6 - Mind your internet manners Use your manners boys!

Dominating the conversation is a never a good thing, nor is making rude comments.