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While I appreciate Samsung's craftsmanship Android is a dealbreaker for me, future-proofing app support of which is terrible, can't show missed message or email count.

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Since Samsung acquired Harman, it may join the audiophile group next year.etc (newer android models will fare far better) ...not so, iphone Sounds like you spend far too much of your valuable minutes in life tempering with something that will be obsolete soon (as technology demonstrates over and over).My i Phone7 sits nicely in my shirt pocket—I sometimes use the built-in “flash” light when working on my bike in a dim garage. My wife would hate having to use a super-sized phone but since the 7 has never been too big, the slightly smaller X ought to be great for me. Likewise, putting up with a slow, limited device that is helpful to me for navigation, quick social media updates and a whole lot of other useful & fun things, is incomprehensible to me.~$50 a month for a speedy, ultra-capable & fun gizmo is a pittance, even if it's one of my bigger spending categories.[email protected]Mosc, I'll be switching from the 7 to the X (for just a couple extra $/month on the upgrade program).

It'll show a third more pixels on a bigger screen, but be 15% smaller (volume) and 4% lighter.

It's the way the i Phone X fits in the palm of your hand compared to Note 8.

i Phone X is a smaller phone with bigger display and the ability to unlock the phone with face recognition it's amazing.

It annoys me that I have to constantly turn my works i Phone on every time I come back from being out of ear shot in case I missed you think you can't show missed message or email counts you've not used one much.

there are a number of ways to be notified of this including counts over the icons used.

A normal lens should be really easy to design, so the fact that the lens is one stop slower and the CMOS is effectively “one stop” smaller makes me think that they put absolutely no effort into the lens, basically this is the original equiv.