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You say it was the “real deal”, can you give us the clinical detail, (at the risk of lowering your wonderful wonderful blog to a sexual health forum…perish the thought!

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You're be falling under the spell of these pretty faces and divinely shaped bodies while browsing through these nude babes photos.Being into more sophisticated and soft content you need something more sensual and aesthetically beautiful than ordinary smut.That's why this tasteful erotica built on the magic play of light and shadow and celebrating the beauty of a naked woman is something that can bring you true, long sought after satisfaction. While this lady-like pervert speaks often, and candidly, about sex, sexual experiences, sexual preferences, and aspects of my marital life, the details of Mr. In Broke (click here to read Broke), I shared that my husband had a sexy, romantic clue game in the works, sending me email instructions, or clues, that were all leading up to me taking an overnight bag to work with me on Monday. Monday morning I head to work freshly waxed, lotioned and with black lace underwear beneath my work attire. because I look even crazier laughing my head off after my initial display of crazy. We say nothing but I catch him eyeing me in the rear view mirror several times. Handing me a glass of wine, he listens to me gush about my flowers, the spa, etc, but a knock on the door interrupts my flow. They probably just hole up in a sexy hotel room and eat then fuck.” I predict. That entertains us for a bit while we eat and entangle our limbs on the couch. You are everything.” The rest of his words and what we said to each other were beautiful, heartfelt, and private. Laying me on the bed, he smiles and responds “Of course. Moments later, he’s feeding me chocolate covered strawberries, and strategically placing raspberries and blueberries on my various peaks and valleys. Proudly he says to me “It’s not even U3, sweety, I whisper again. For the next few moments we sit on the couch and are chattering back and forth about the fact that it’s a U5 and not a U3, the same manner that car buffs discuss Porches and Ferraris. Admittedly, my readers are versed that we partake, but I generally keep the details somewhat obscure. Consider this a rare and juicy treat, and a shameless display of raunchy kiss and tell. When I walk in to the spa, I can tell that they know who I am before I even say it. He looks so handsome in his button down and when I pull him in for more hugs and kisses, he smells . “That’s funny because I thought that I was your mistress! I mean, really, a married man can’t take his mistress out to a romantic restaurant. An 8-9inch, slightly curved, perfect girth, cyberskin, black and beautiful dildo.In fact, when he first slid in, I cried out unintentionally. During a recent episode of Sex Toy Tuesday (click here to read ***), I complained that I wish there was a dildo that had a more life-like ‘give’ to it. It was my husband who casually lay in between my legs, but it was a different man that was sliding in and out of me. Yeah right, more like a good dose of making us envious!

After 14 years with the same man, a different one inside me felt surreal. Despite having my first taste of bondage, and despite thoroughly adoring the feel of a big black man inside me, what happened to me last night had a profound impact on me. Thank you for sharing, not only are you an inspiration in your own right, but as a couple too.

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When the next cab limo driver pulls up, while I am using the cash my husband left me for tips, my manicurist runs out to the cab and then sprints back into the spa yelling “I know where you are going next!! Judge Mc Judge Alot drops me off at the hotel entrance and is passing me over to the hotel bell man when my next text comes in: Top floor. There is a young bohemian looking guy already in there who gives me a sexy look over and says “What floor? We are both beaming but greet each other with shy ? He’s gotten a beautiful suite, and the portion that I can see is in tea light candles.

My co-workers, the dumbfounded cab driver, the receptionist and my manicurist are all aware and part of Hubby’s mysterious sexy scavenger hunt. I’m so freakin’ excited by now that I dash through the gorgeous lobby and smack the button for the elevator a dozen times before it opens. He’s smiling so deeply that his eyes almost look like they are crying but his expression is of joy and not pain. “I just love you sweety…” He is saying but my attention now drifts to what is behind him.

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