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Neurological complications are the primary dose-limiting toxicity anticipated with chronic thalidomide administration.

Platelet count greater than or equal to 75,000/mm^3.The participants are returned to the leuprolide or goserelin treatment for 6 months.In period 2 participants received the placebo for thalidomide once a day. This multi-center study will evaluate whether thalidomide can improve the effectiveness of the drugs leuprolide or goserelin in treating testosterone-dependent prostate cancer.Patients 18 years or older with testosterone-dependent prostate cancer that has persisted or recurred after having had surgery, radiation therapy, or cryosurgery, but whose disease has not metastasized (spread beyond the prostate) may be eligible for this study.After that time they take four capsules of either thalidomide or placebo once a day and remain on the drug until their prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level returns to what it was before beginning leuprolide or goserelin or to 5 nanograms per liter, whichever is lower.(PSA is a protein secreted by the prostate gland.

Monitoring changes in levels of this protein can help evaluate tumor progression).

One group receives leuprolide or goserelin followed by thalidomide; the other receives leuprolide or goserelin followed by placebo (a look-alike pill with no active ingredients).

Patients in both groups receive an injection of leuprolide or goserelin once a month for 6 months.

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In period 1 participants received thalidomide orally 200 mg a day.