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Sex web sait

The sex offender registration information that you see on NSOPW is retrieved from the individual Jurisdiction(s) where a sex offender is registered.To add any registration information, please contact the appropriate Jurisdiction registration officials.

Jurisdictions have their own laws that determine how sex offender information is collected, maintained, and displayed. Department of Justice does not maintain the sex offender information displayed on NSOPW and therefore does not have information to provide.To correct any errors in registration information, please contact the appropriate registration officials in those Jurisdictions.Each Jurisdiction’s registration requirements might be different.We are actively working with more states so they can be included soon.Check back in the future to see whether your state has been added.Many times, registry officials will not be able to disclose any additional information about an offender but might be able to direct you to resources or offices within their Jurisdiction where you could find that information.

Each Jurisdiction has its own laws that determine the information that can and will be displayed on the public registry Website.

To find out the Jurisdiction where that information originated, put your mouse arrow over the window with the registration information, right-click, click on “Properties,” and then cut-and-paste the “Address (URL)” address into your browser’s address bar.

This will take you to the individual Jurisdiction’s Web site, and you can continue your inquiry.

This page is intended to be a reference for using the National Sex Offender Public Website and its offender search options.

For educational materials, please visit our Education and Prevention section.

Specific sex offender information can be found on a Jurisdiction’s Web site.