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He has been struggling with making money so I knew he was on the road long periods but we talked almost daily until the...He used to work where I currently work, even though I didn't know him then.

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These are challenges that can be turned into opportunities by using ICT.Contact us and let’s talk about how we can create tomorrow’s health care together.Om du har gått in på Hälsans nya verktygs hemsida - - kommer du numera till denna sida då RISE har tagit över verksamheten i föreningen Hälsans nya verktyg och föreningen är avvecklad.People’s living environments will play a central role in the future of health and social care.At RISE ICT we are preparing for a sustainable transformation, developing novel e Health-solutions for the benefit of individuals and caregivers.At RISE ICT e Health we enable autonomy and an increased quality of life for patients and the elderly by developing secure and efficient digital health and care solutions.

Important issues such as access to quality-assured data, secure and connected communications systems, open solutions, efficient processes and interactive services are all essential in future health and social care are all core of our operations.

My experience with dating a truck driver was a very dramatice experience.

The person I was dating wasn't what he told me wasn't the story I was told.

Här finner du alla fallstudier som tidigare fanns på

RISE har nu tagit över de fallstudier som tidigare tagits fram av Hälsans nya verktyg.

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