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Sex talk on skype

Multiple redundancy rounds were launched last year within the services division to cut local costs and export jobs to lower wage locations.El Reg previously exclusively revealed Big Blue wanted to base eight in 10 of its GTS employees on these areas by the end of last year.

The relevant dictionary definition of attrition is "the process of reducing something’s strength or effectiveness through sustained attack or pressure".They wish to redeploy resources by making X roles redundant in the country, then pushing resources to take on new roles that have not been filled - like customer-facing new business engagements,” he added.Another member of staff that spoke under the cloak of anonymity said it was “galling” that IBM has an “army of Bain consultants here working on this. perhaps we wouldn’t have to RA (redundancy action) so many people if we weren’t paying their fees,” he added.It is now 22 straight quarters since IBM last reported global top line growth and its bottom line has shrunk during that period.IBM generated $92bn in cash in those lean years from 2012 to 2017, but chose to return 80 per cent of it to shareholders instead of using it in other ways.“[It] is the usual ’No idea what to offer these people, we’ll get to them eventually’, but the numbers make grim reading as 5k out of 30k may not be redeployed or offered roles that replace external suppliers,” an IBMer told us.

“IBM has a weird understanding of people's skills, and how to fill job roles.

For now only Spanish and English are available - and you need to have a Windows 8.1 device'Skype’s mission is to bring people together from all over the world, and with Skype Translator we are breaking down language barriers that have historically made it challenging for friends and families to connect,' the firm said in a blog post.

'Our goal for Skype Translator is to translate as many languages as possible on relevant platforms, and to deliver the best speech translation experience to our more than 300 million connected Skype customers,' it said.

Initial reports from the beta version (shown) say it is good, although not perfect.

‘For Skype Translator to work properly, there is a little mental conditioning involved,’ reported Gizmodo.

The GTS division, like many other legacy parts of the organisation, has faced its fair share of pressure because fewer customers are signing up to big ticket outsourcing agreements, something that rival HPE found before it spun off the Enterprise Services arm to DXC.