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From Eater: As for being a homophobe, they called it an “outlandish” and “ridiculous” claim.

“And the fact that we were able to marry, legally and openly, makes me/us feel whole and equal and a part of this momentous shift in our country. ”People have the capacity to change and it could be that Guy Fieri is one of those people.It gave me the biggest sigh of relief because what it does for me — and it does for my parents and my nephew — is that my sister lives on forever.My sister lives on in the book shelves and in the homes, with the families of people forever.He chose to be a part of an event like this and speak from a personal place on a day that was special for 101 same sex couples who are finally able to get married in the state of Florida.You can now feel a little better about supporting his restaurants, shows or other parts of his highly successful franchise, because he supports you.“We were living in Indiana at the time, so it seemed like it would never be a possibility.

We moved to Florida a couple of years ago, and lo and behold, it became legal in Indiana first! So we were honestly discussing going back to Indiana, but it really didn’t make sense considering we were now living in Florida.

And that’s a weird thing that that’s what I needed to do, but it’s like climbing the highest mountain and scratching her name in the world.

It’s incredibly cathartic.”Stephanie and Nicole Griffin-Swanson were one of the 101 couples to be married by Guy, and Stephanie said she had no idea Guy was reportedly anti-gay before the event.“I honestly didn’t know anything about all that until after the ceremony and we went surfing for press articles about the event after the fact.

This past weekend, Food Network star Guy Fieri officiated a mass wedding for 101 same-sex couples in Miami, Florida, celebrating the state’s recent lift of its ban on equal marriage.

Organized by celebrity chef (and Florida native) Art Smith, the event was held on Miami Beach and ended with a celebration including a seven tier cake made by yet another celebrity chef, Duff Goldman.:“Guy had decided that the two men running the restaurant were life partners,” Page remembers.

He made the moment extremely memorable for us.”Stephanie and Nicole met at a nightclub in Indianapolis while Stephanie was bartending and DJing.