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I can just see Milania pulling up on a motorcycle and Gia hopping on while the Bravo cameras film. I thought she did so (briefly) when opening the can with a switchblade and kicking in the window A friend of mine dated one of her enablers/hangers on, a makeup artist who fetched her drugs.He is homeless now and had never had anything interesting to say about her except to rhapsodize about how beautiful she was.

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Did anyone see those videos on youtube from the last few years in which Sandy Linter talked about Gia and had on Carol Alt and a photographer?She goes to some loading dock where she tries to score, then some dealers who knew her, beat the crap out of her or IIRC, they beat her then raped her and also took her money. I doubt many drug addicted models were dealing with those types of street drug dealers.Most wealthy people aren't even dealing directly with the drug dealers, they have someone else do that.Fried's writing is uninspiring and his depictions of Gia and her family and lovers and acquaintances have no depth.Her most important lover was a white trash druggie/criminal from a well-to-do family: Elyssa Golden.It seemed from his story telling that all they did was do massive drugs and get pushed in front of a camera. Also Gia was a jillion times more attractive What brought this thread back up? The movie wasn't that good but Angelina's performance was excellent which is why she won every award out there for it."Angelina was way more beautiful than Gia"Not in that movie.

When AJ was young she wasn't outstandingly beautiful, something (weight loss and plastic surgery) happened in her late twenties and she blossomed into a real beauty.

I enjoyed the movie and whomever has a problem with that can take a hike! She didn't look all that much like Gia to begin with, then add the fact that AJ has blue eyes, I guess the director wasn't going for an actress who looked like Gia? A former work acquaintance worked with Gia, he describe Gia as "always stoned, she basically acted as if she didn't want to be there, as if she was annoyed."A million young women would have killed to be in her shoes, but she was a white trash fuck up with a bad attitude and a bad drug habit.

A questioned a lot in the film, like the part where she gets clean, they starts doing heroin again.

After 'Gia', she managed to play in some really good movies before she retired to the 'superwoman' movies she is for a long time now!

Definitely 1 of the most beautiful white women who have modeled.

For someone who says she is straight and seemed annoyed by Gia constantly pursuing her, Sandy has had a lot to say about her in the last 20 years.