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- 12/5/2016Jasper City Council - December 2016 (Video) - 12/5/2016Pickens County Board of Commissioners December Work Session 2016 (Video) - 12/1/2016Meet Your Favorite Princess at Winter Ball December 10 - 11/30/2016Elderly Dog Needs Home - 11/30/2016Want to save 75% on Electric Bill this Christmas?

- 5/28/2017Mental Illness in Children and Adolescents Can Be Treated Effectively - 5/28/2017Summer Fun to Know!- 3/8/2017Williams Wins Three in a Row - 3/8/2017Pickens County Health Department Hours Changing - 3/8/2017Representative Rick Jasperse's Report from the Capitol - 3/6/2017Jasper City Council March 2017 - 3/6/2017Nelson City Council March 2017 - 3/6/2017Jasper City Council Work Session March 2017 - 3/2/2017Town of Talking Rock Council March 2017 - 3/2/2017Pickens County Board of Commissioners Work Session March 2017 - 3/2/2017Three Burglaries Along 515 Corridor in Jasper Last Night - 3/2/2017Concerned Citizens Call Allows Deputies to Capture Another Convenience Store Burglar - 3/1/2017Tater Patch Players 2017 Season Opens with Plays, Auditions, and Children's Theater - 3/1/2017Harmony Elementary Staff Stars in Video to Promote 'Read Across America Day' - 3/1/2017Pickens County Boys & Girls Club Community Needs Assessment---Your Opinion Matters - 3/1/2017Individuals With Disabilities Deserve Opportunity To Live Independently - 3/1/2017Memory of Roger Mc Daniel: Head Coach of the North Georgia Falcons - 2/28/2017Entegra Financial Corp.Completes Purchase of 2 Branches in Northern Georgia - 2/27/2017Mardi Gras in the Mountains - 2/25/2017NOTICE: Pickens County Water & Sewer Maintenance in the Jerusalem Area - 2/24/2017Rabid Raccoon Attacks Pickens County Woman - 2/24/2017Pickens Seniors for Change and Education - 2/23/2017Casino/Bingo Night to benefit PCAP - 2/22/2017Pickens County Chamber of Commerce February Business After Hours - 2/22/2017Representative Rick Jasperse's Report from the Capitol - 2/20/2017Behind the Scenes with Tater Patch Players - 2/18/2017Pickens County Board of Commissioners February 2017 - 2/16/2017Free Piano Concert at Holy Family - 2/16/2017Nelson City Council February 2017 - 2/16/2017When We Know Better, We Do Better!Excel Christian (home) ~ 1/26/2018PHS 9th Grade Boys Basketball vs.River Ridge (home) ~ 1/27/2018PHS 9th Grade Boys Basketball vs.- 10/25/2017Piedmont Healthcare and Kaiser Permanente Sign New Contract - 10/24/2017Pickens County Red Ribbon Week Proclaimed - 10/23/2017Pickens County Board of REALTORS Holds Annual Charity Golf Tournament - 10/23/20172018 Citizen of the Year Nominations - 10/23/2017Antigone Now Presented by PHS Theatre - 10/23/2017Free Food at the Jasper Farmers Market - 10/23/2017Pickens Teacher of the Year - 10/23/2017Northside Hospital Offers Free Mammograms for Women in Pickens County - 10/19/2017Pickens Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy Attends Jasper Lions Club - 10/19/2017Wanted: Arts and Crafts Vendors for Tate Day - 10/19/2017Dev Santiago Named PHS Band Student of the Week - 10/19/2017Nelson City Council Work Session With Candidates Speaking - 10/19/2017The Long Table 2017 Presents Holidazzle - 10/19/2017Pickens County Board Of Commissioners October 2017 - 10/19/2017Jasper Farmers Market Stops and Starts - 10/19/2017Highland Rivers Health Receives Three-year Accreditation from CARF International - 10/19/2017Wanted: Patriotic Citizens to Celebrate Veterans Day - 10/18/2017Cancer Treatment and its Link to Heart Disease: What You Need to Know - 10/18/2017Director Change at Ruth House Ministries - 10/18/2017Pickens County Joint Comprehensive Plan Stakeholders Meeting October 2017 - 10/17/2017October Chamber of Commerce Community Breakfast - 10/16/2017Jasper City Council Forum - 10/16/2017Jasper Zombie Walk - 10/14/2017Ansley Hayes Named PHS Band Student of the Week - 10/13/2017PHS Awarded Governor Deal's Innovation Fund Tiny Grant Program - 10/11/2017TDS Offers Customers Tips to Avoid Being a Bictim of Phishing Scams - 10/11/2017One More Weekend To See 'The Savannah Sipping Society' - 10/11/2017The Pickens Report - September 2017 - 10/11/2017Doug Patterson Announces Candidacy for Jasper City Council - 10/10/2017Jasper Kroger Store Launches Click List Online Ordering for Customers - 10/10/2017Pickens County Planning & Development September 2017 Report - 10/10/2017Marble Festival Road Race - 10/7/2017Amber Boren Named PHS Band Student of the Week - 10/5/2017Pickens County Board of Commissioners Work Session October 2017 - 10/5/2017Ryan O'Dea Announces Candidacy For Jasper City Council - 10/3/2017Pickens County School Superintendent Chat - 10/2/2017JQC Dismisses Complaints of Thomason, Stookey, Doss and the GCSPJ Against Judge Brenda S. - 9/25/2017Be One of the First to Experience The Savannah Sipping Society - 9/25/2017Get your Flu Shot TO GO at DRIVE-BY in Jasper - 9/25/2017Jasper Elementary in Full Swing with Recycling - 9/25/2017JMA's Boo Who?

Weaver - 10/1/2017Pickin' & Kickin' in Pickens - 9/30/2017PHS Homecoming - 9/29/2017Pickens County Board of Commissioners Called Meeting September 2017 - 9/28/2017Birthdays of WWII Veterans - 9/28/20175 Common Misconceptions about Donating a Kidney - 9/26/2017Plenty of Green Beans at the Jasper Farmers Market - 9/26/2017Marble Valley Friends BBQ Postponed Until October 6th - 9/26/2017Re-elect Anne Sneve for Jasper City Council - 9/26/2017Auditions! Scarecrow Contest - 9/25/2017Jasper Farmers Market - 9/22/2017Know The Facts: Suicide Can Be Prevented - 9/20/2017Clark Howard's Advice on Equifax Breach (Video) - 9/18/2017Savannah Sipping Society Opens Soon - 9/18/2017PICKENS COUNTY SCHOOLS CLOSED FRIDAY - 9/14/2017The Pickens Report - August 2017 - 9/14/2017Jasper City Council Meeting September 2017 - 9/13/2017Wednesday Jasper Farmers Market Ends September 27 - 9/11/2017Hill City Elementary School Updates Recycle Program - 9/11/2017 Pickens County Closings Due to Tropical Storm - 9/10/2017Natalie Giddens Named PHS Band Student of the Week - 9/8/2017Pickens County Planning & Development August 2017 Report - 9/8/2017Jasper City Council Work Session Septemer 2017 - 9/7/2017Zach Goss Named Pickens Football Player of the Week - 9/5/2017Nelson City Council September 2017 - 9/5/2017Pickens County Board of Elections & Registration September 2017 - 9/5/2017September is National Recovery Month - 9/5/2017Preserve our Past, Protect our Future - 9/4/2017Miss Georgia Marble Pageant - 9/1/2017Its Not Too Soon to Think about the Winter Market - 9/1/2017Luis Gonzalez Named PHS Band Student of the Week - 8/31/2017Pickens Young Life Kick-off - 8/31/2017Piedmont Healthcare Now Accepting Applications for Community Benefit Grant Program - 8/30/2017Qualifying for Municipal General Election for Jasper, Nelson & Talking Rock Ends - 8/25/2017Pickens County Animal Shelter Adoption Policy Clarification - 8/23/2017PHS Volleyball Off to a Great Start - 8/22/2017Jasper Farmers Market Every Wednesday & Saturday Through September - 8/22/2017Pickens County Joint Comprehensive Plan Stakeholders Meeting - 8/22/2017What You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Tractor - 8/22/2017Tea Party Talk: United Nations - 8/22/2017It's Fall Sports Time with Pickens Community Service Club - 8/22/2017Trevon Hawkins Named Shottenkirk Ford's Player of the Week - 8/21/2017New Keep Pickens Beautiful Board Member - 8/20/2017Pickens County Board of Commissioners August 2017 - 8/17/2017Pickens County Chamber of Commerce's July Breakfast - 8/17/2017Business After Hours at Parish Lowrie State Farm - 8/17/2017Reinhardt Launches New Scholarship for Pickens County Students - 8/17/2017We Achieve Together!

SE Whitfield (away) ~ 1/30/2018Beginner Driver Training ~ 2/19/2018Pickens Chamber Winter Ball ~ 1/20/2018PHS Varsity Wrestling State Duals (away) ~ 1/13/2018PHS Varsity Wrestling Burnt Mountain Classic (away) ~ 1/19/2018PHS Varsity Wrestling Burnt Mountain Classic (home) ~ 1/20/2018PHS Varsity Wrestling Area Tournament (away) ~ 1/27/2018PHS Varsity Wrestling Sectionals Tournament (away) ~ 2/2/2018PHS Varsity Wrestling Traditional State (away) ~ 2/8/2018Free Concert Series ~ 1/21/2018Free Concert Series ~ 2/18/2018Free Concert Series ~ 3/18/2018Free Concert Series ~ 4/15/2018Free Concert Series ~ 5/20/2018Master Gardeners SPROUTS ~ 2/14/2018Master Gardeners SPROUTS ~ 3/14/2018Sacketts & Jasper Jeep 9th Annual Pickens County Stampede Rodeo ~ 5/18/2018Middle School Girls and Boys Basketball vs.

Fannin (home) ~ 1/12/2018Middle School Boys Basketball Region Tournament (away) ~ 1/16/2018Mardi Gras in the Mountains ~ 2/10/2018Town of Talking Rock Council ~ 2/1/2018Pickens Board of Commissioners ~ 1/18/2018Optimist Club of Jasper ~ 1/18/2018Optimist Club of Jasper ~ 2/1/2018Optimist Club of Jasper ~ 2/15/2018Optimist Club of Jasper ~ 3/1/2018Optimist Club of Jasper ~ 3/15/2018Rotary Club of Jasper ~ 1/17/2018Rotary Club of Jasper ~ 1/24/2018Rotary Club of Jasper ~ 1/31/2018Rotary Club of Jasper ~ 2/7/2018Rotary Club of Jasper ~ 2/14/2018Rotary Club of Jasper ~ 2/21/2018Rotary Club of Jasper ~ 2/28/2018Rotary Club of Jasper ~ 3/7/2018Rotary Club of Jasper ~ 3/14/2018Rotary Club of Jasper ~ 3/21/2018Rotary Club of Jasper ~ 3/28/2018Pickens County Board of Education ~ 1/11/2018Pickens County Board of Education ~ 2/8/2018Pickens County Board of Education ~ 3/8/2018Pickens County Board of Education ~ 4/12/2018Pickens County Board of Education ~ 5/10/2018Pickens County Board of Education ~ 6/14/2018Pickens County Board of Education ~ 7/12/2018Pickens County Board of Education ~ 8/9/2018Pickens County Board of Education ~ 9/13/2018Pickens County Board of Education ~ 10/11/2018Pickens County Board of Education ~ 11/8/2018Pickens County Board of Education ~ 12/13/2018Live Music by Jim Nicoletta & Larry Griffith ~ 1/14/2018Live Music by Jim Nicoletta & Larry Griffith ~ 1/21/2018Live Music by Jim Nicoletta & Larry Griffith ~ 1/28/2018Pickens County Joint Comprehensive Plan Stakeholders Meeting ~ 2/6/2018Jasper Municipal Court ~ 2/13/2018Jasper Municipal Court ~ 3/13/2018Jasper Municipal Court ~ 4/10/2018Jasper City Council ~ 2/5/2018Jasper Municipal Court ~ 5/15/2018Jasper Municipal Court ~ 6/19/2018Jasper Municipal Court ~ 7/17/2018Jasper Municipal Court ~ 8/14/2018Jasper Municipal Court ~ 9/18/2018Jasper Municipal Court ~ 10/16/2018Jasper Municipal Court ~ 11/13/2018Jasper Municipal Court ~ 12/11/2018Spring Plant Sale ~ 1/15/2018Nelson City Council ~ 2/12/2018Nelson City Council ~ 3/5/2018Nelson City Council ~ 4/2/2018Nelson City Council ~ 5/7/2018Nelson City Council ~ 6/4/2018Nelson City Council ~ 7/2/2018Nelson City Council ~ 8/6/2018Nelson City Council ~ 9/4/2018Nelson City Council ~ 10/1/2018Nelson City Council ~ 11/12/2018Nelson City Council ~ 12/3/2018Live Music by Charlie Hudgins & The Still ~ 1/13/2018Pickens County Board of Elections and Registration ~ 1/12/2018Fun Friday Lunch ~ 1/12/2018Business After Hours ~ 1/16/2018Lunch and Learn ~ 1/18/2018Meet The Tater Patch Team ~ 1/13/2018Pickens County Airport Authority ~ 3/12/2018Pickens County Airport Authority ~ 6/11/2018Pickens County Airport Authority ~ 9/10/2018Pickens County Airport Authority ~ 12/10/2018Pickens County Development Year in Review 2017 - 1/10/2018The Pickens Report: 2017 In Review - 1/10/2018A New Year Brings a New Season of Great Plays to Your Community Theater - 1/9/2018Legion Offers New Scholarships For Seniors and Veterans - 1/9/2018Jasper Lions Club Fill-A-Stocking Provided Christmas Gifts For Over 700 Children - 1/9/2018Jasper City Council Meeting January 2018 - 1/8/2018Weather Advisory for January 8, 2018 Causing Closings and Delays - 1/8/2018First Baby of 2018 - 1/5/2018Bring One For The Chipper on Saturday - 1/5/2018Generousity Lights Up The Long Table - 1/4/2018Town of Talking Rock Council January 2018 - 1/4/2018Jasper City Council Work Session January 2018 - 1/4/2018Pickens County Board of Commissioners Work Session January 2018 - 1/4/2018Leave Water Dripping To Avoid Busted Water Lines - 1/3/2018Nelson City Council January 2018 - 1/2/2018Pickens Board of Commissioners December 2017 - 12/21/2017Train Derailment - 12/19/2017Final Jasper Farmers Market of 2017 is Saturday - 12/18/2017Pickens County Schools Public Meeting - Calendar & School Reconfiguration - 12/18/2017Ringing the Bell for Rotary - 12/18/2017The Pickens Report - November 2017 - 12/17/2017Tater Patch Players Entertains Pickens and North Georgia All Year Long - 12/17/2017Calling All Artist & Artisans - 12/15/2017Chattahoochee Tech Graduate from Pickens County Prepares for the Next Step in Life - 12/15/2017Superintendent Seeks Input - 12/12/2017Dementia Patients and Caregivers Need Support During Holidays - 12/12/2017Georgia Mountains Hospice Named Business of the Month at Chamber Breakfast - 12/12/2017Pickens County Joint Comprehensive Plan Stakeholders Meeting December 2017 - 12/12/2017Traditional Service of Lessons and Carols at Holy Family - 12/12/2017Pickens County Planning & Development November 2017 Report - 12/12/2017Rotary Tours Pickens 911 - 12/11/2017Pickens County Schools Closed Monday, December 11th - 12/10/2017Jayda Tilley Name PHS Band Student of the Week - 12/9/2017Doing Good in the World - 12/4/2017Night of Lights Celebration - 12/2/2017Daelyn Baker Named PHS Band Student of the Week - 12/1/2017Keeping Our Children In Our County - 12/1/2017Dalton Brunner Named Wrestler of the Week - 12/1/2017Mountain Biking and Hiking Park in Talking Rock Open - 11/29/2017Golden Bells of Atlanta in Free Concert - 11/28/2017Amazon Cyber Monday Deals - 11/27/2017Change Tomorrow-Today-Recycle Poster Contest Winners Announced - 11/27/2017Pickens County Health Department Honored as Champions for Immunizations - 11/27/2017You Can't Take It With You - 11/27/2017Monaghan Receives Municipal Revenue Administration Certificate - 11/20/2017Fill-a-Stocking Application Deadline is December 8th - 11/19/2017Kayla Roberts Named PHS Band Student of the Week - 11/17/2017Holiday Market in Jasper - 11/17/2017Pickens County Board of Commissioners November 2017 - 11/16/2017Nelson City Council November 2017 - 11/16/2017Holidazzle -- Long Tables Holiday Gala - 11/15/2017Housing and Children Take Center Stage - 11/15/2017PHS Theatre Places Fifth in One Act Play Competition State Finals - 11/15/2017Family-Friendly Comedy Coming to Tater Patch Players Theater - 11/15/2017Victor Lane Named Shottenkirk Ford's PHS Swimmer of the Week - 11/15/2017You can QUIT during the Great American Smokeout, Nov.

Union (home) ~ 1/16/2018PHS Varsity Girls & Boys Basketball vs.

NW Whitfield (away) ~ 1/19/2018PHS Varsity Girls & Boys Basketball vs.

Sonoraville (away) ~ 1/20/2018PHS Varsity Girls & Boys Basketball vs.