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Brady specifically wants an explanation why a property in one of the city’s most distressed neighborhoods wasn’t considered for a marijuana site.That property, at Second Street and Erie Avenue in North Philadelphia, happens to be controlled by a group of investors represented by Brady’s longtime spokesman and aide, Ken Smukler.

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“They took out the Northeastern Hospital and promised to give something back for community development,” he said. They’re turning their backs on the city and turning down $20 million in revenues.That his book will meet with favorable criticism, he hopes; that it will also receive some unfavorable comment, he expects.If he succeeds in adding something to the common stock of knowledge and understanding, and in rescuing some facts from being lost, and is privileged to be an instrument in adding a little to the glory and luster of the order, he will be satisfied.“You talk about casinos being wired up, this is totally wired up.” Alderman declined to comment for this article.Temple’s president, Richard Englert, also declined comment.Temple University is one of four health systems in the city that stand to benefit from Chapter 20.

Jefferson, Drexel, and the University of Pennsylvania also may enter into noncompetitive arrangements with growers.

TO BE the first to enter an unexplored field, and attempt to map out before the understanding of one's readers its various characteristics; to delve below the soil and thus endeavor to discover the hidden sources from which has sprung that which appears upon the surface; and thus to add to the store of knowledge, is no easy task, and requires patient, persevering labor.

Although the writer of this book has been an active worker in the Order of the Eastern Star for twenty‑eight years, and during all that time has been a diligent gatherer of material and facts concerning it, and has, by the favor of his fellow‑members been placed in positions of trust and responsibility, which have given him rare opportunities to learn much of the workings of the order, yet he had no idea, when he undertook the production of this history, how great the task would prove, for he has undertaken to be doubly sure of the facts stated and has spent days in running down some particular item that, perhaps, when secured, would not add a dozen lines to the work.

Brady and other politicians want the Laurel Harvest Labs facility in Philadelphia.

Brady bristles at the idea of Temple’s partner growing marijuana outside the city.

That it is perfect, and that every essential fact that it is possible to ascertain in regard to the order is contained in it, he would not pretend to say; but he does say that he has made an honest effort in that direction flow far he has succeeded perhaps time only can demonstrate.