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A 2016 study from Feminist Majority Foundation found that clinics located near a CPC had a 21.7 percent chance of experiencing “high levels of violence, threats, and harassment,” whereas clinics not near a CPC had a 6.8 percent chance.

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The clinic has even gained the attention of radical pro-life groups, like Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust and Operation Save America (OSA). In 2013, after Bryant passed legislation that threatened to close JWHO, the clinic painted its building pink, to send the message “we’re right here, and we’re not going anywhere.” A documentary about the clinic’s struggle to remain open was released last year.On NARAL’s Exposing Fake Clinics tumblr, the group highlights testimonies from women who visited CPC and were given false information.One patient was told that abortion would increase her chance of getting breast cancer by 400 percent, which is a myth that anti-abortion-rights legislators and advocates have circulated as a fear tactic for decades, despite there being no scientific backing.In a bright-pink building in the Jackson, Mississippi, Fondren neighborhood sits the state’s only abortion clinic: the Jackson Women’s Health Organization.While abortion clinics have been steadily closing across the country for decades, the recent assault on reproductive rights in Mississippi has been particularly aggressive.The Jacksons might strike as too 'virtuous' and taking very solemn poses but once you get drawn by the atmosphere and the hostility they constantly face, you realize that "disunion" couldn't be an option. Blige) can't afford the luxury of not being at least "happy together".

But the film doesn't venture yet in these unsafe territories; the tone is only set with the presence of Henry's father: Pappy Mc Allan, a bigoted racist played by Jonathan Banks and whom we suspect will act like a ticking bomb.

Laura (Carey Mulligan) married Henry Mc Allan (Jason Clarke), less moved by love than a desire to escape from her "old maid" condition, and marital life made her feel relevant and important.

Henry isn't the romantic type but no bad man either, and I was glad the movie didn't take one path I expected. The Mc Allans are a steady couple and the Jacksons form a united clan whose patriarch Hap (Rob Morgan) is the descendant of former slaves who worked on that same land, Hap's dreams is to own it in the future although he's not fooled by the worth of any act of property in that racist state.

“We are beyond excited to be there,” Erin Kate Goode, Center for Pregnancy Choices’ executive director, told Pregnancy Help News.

“We’ve been trying to get there, and it’s finally taken place.” The Center for Pregnancy Choices, which operates two other locations in Jackson, is what is commonly referred to as a “crisis pregnancy center” (CPC).

Multiple attempts for comment from the Center for Pregnancy Choices were not returned.