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He welcomed the revolution in China and was happy that one of his sons went to work there.When accused of naivety he would quote Hromadka, the wartime Czech Christian leader, that one must go with the people and share their centuries-old struggle for power.

He and Delia were convinced that the Church needed major changes.Ecclestone deserted Senior Common Room talk for a lifelong love affair with the Workers' Educational Association (WEA) and was trained for the church at Wells and ordained by Dr Williams, the philosopher-Bishop of Carlisle.He married Delia Abraham, who shared his campaigning determination - her 'Amens' loudly spoken at the end of prayers seemed always admonitions to the Almighty.A taxi driver went on a shotgun rampage today, killing 12 people and wounding at least 25 before turning his weapon on himself.Divorced father-of-two Derrick Bird, 52, shot several colleagues in Whitehaven in Cumbria, then drove his cab through the countryside of the Lake District blasting other victims apparently at random.It was led by Alan Ecclestone with the members of the Church of Holy Trinity, Darnall - one of the courageous and prophetic acts which marked his 27 years as vicar.

Ecclestone was the most challenging and radical of all the Church's parish priests, a George Herbert of the inner city; like Herbert he was catholic in his sacramentalism and committed to the welfare of people in his parish whether they went to church or not, and again like Herbert a scholar and writer.

A form of church life increasingly influential in other parishes was slowly evolved and Darnall vicarage became a place of pilgrimage as Ecclestone sought to reintegrate the Church and the working community.

Services were full of light, processions, and enjoyable symbolism.

Alan Ecclestone, priest and writer, born Stoke-on-Trent 3 June 1904, ordained deacon 1931, priest 1934, Vicar Holy Trinity Darnall 1942-69, married 1934 Delia Abraham (died 1984; two sons, and one son deceased, and one adopted son), died London 14 December 1992.

SHORTLY after the bombing of Hiroshima a protest procession wound its way through the blitzed East End streets of Sheffield.

Following a frantic manhunt, police found his body 20 miles away in woods near the hamlet of Boot three-and-a-half hours later.