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In addition, a UMFK security guard is on duty seven nights a week between p.m. The UMFK Facilities Management Department also has direct radio contact with the Fort Kent Police Department during the day. 14071(j)), concerning registered sex offenders may be obtained from the Fort Kent Police Department; the local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction for the UMFK campus.

Each student, faculty, and staff member is encouraged to participate as we work together to keep UMFK safe!Note that when you click on any of the following links, a new window will be opened and you will be taken to the Upper St John Valley web site.The University of Maine at Fort Kent community consists of more than 1000 full-time and part-time undergraduate students and is a fourteen building campus on Pleasant Street in the heart of Fort Kent.This section of our site is in tribute and honor to our ancestors, who were pioneers in the Ste Luce parish from the early 1800s, and to their descendants who settled in the Saint John River Valley in Northern Maine.The Ste Luce Parish portion of our site provides the following information: The Upper St John Valley web site at in addition to providing censuses for both sides of the St John Valley from the 1820s to the 1860s, an excellent history of the valley, also provides the following information on Ste Luce.Such procedures are also printed in the UMFK Student Handbook.

On campus crimes are to be reported using a standard Crime Reporting Form found online here.

The Student Conduct Officer or the Student Conduct Committee will investigate all charges against students violating this policy.

Students who are found to be in violation of the University of Maine System Student Conduct Code regulations on sexual assault will be sanctioned by the University.

Crimes and emergencies are reported to the Residence Hall Staff if the incident occurs in the Residence Halls and to the Associate Dean of Student Life and Development if the incident occurs in any other campus area.

If necessary, crimes and emergencies may be reported by calling 911 or the Fort Kent Town Police at 834-5678. Annually, the campus community is reminded, via an email announcement of campus crime reporting procedures.

UMFK buildings and facilities are accessible to members of the campus community, guests and visitors during normal operating hours Monday through Friday.