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Many of them noticed an unusual relationship between Branstetter and the victim, while others felt the relationship was normal.The victim told police during the interview that she has known Branstetter for two years, but their relationship started when they exchanged social media usernames at the start of the school year, the reports state.

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A handbook on the school's website also states Branstetter was a math instructor at the high school.The victim told police she sent after-workout photos of herself in October to Branstetter, who replied with nude photos of himself through Snapchat.Branstetter also told her in the messages that he wanted to have sex with her, she said.I was charged with a misdamenor DUI and Felony child endangerment. My blood alcohol was tested and it registered a .23. I told my ex I was pregnant, however, he did not show any interest in being involved and his family and family friends started harassing me, I got an abortion and I know that in CA an abortion is up to the woman and I did not need to notify him, he is now serving me for a paternity test because he doesn't know.Do I need to provide any paperwork to him stating I got an abortion or to my attorney?"The Dos Palos Oro Loma School District says Branstetter has been put on administrative leave and is no longer on campus since the arrest.

Police are still looking to see if there were any more victims and that the investigation is ongoing.

Branstetter messaged her multiple times asking her to meet him in Chowchilla, where he lives.

But she declined, telling him she didn’t have a ride.

The victim of Craig Branstetter’s alleged child sex crimes told police her former math teacher sent her nude photos and fostered their relationship through social media, according to police reports.

Branstetter pleaded not guilty Friday to three felony counts of unlawful sex with a minor, and two misdemeanor counts of annoying or molesting and sending harmful matter to a minor.

My husband got his first dui & was advised to plead down to a wet reckless. He was also driving on a suspended for a fta/ftp(which he has paid now).