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She thinks that his name is Roderick and they chat back and forth.

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Dean makes his way through a factory, gun drawn, but Castiel knocks him down, breaks his arm, and stabs him in the chest.A van pulls up nearby and someone runs past the parked car.The girl, Krissy, looks around nervously but her boyfriend Aidan assures her it's nothing.She's surprised that Tommy came up with her, but notices that he's distracted.Tommy looks out into the night and remembers when he was attacked by a Wendigo years ago. He tells her that it's a Wendigo and tells Shelly to go to the bedroom while he lights up an acetylene torch.She takes some lipstick out of her purse, while at the bar, Crowley sets up a hex.

In the restroom, Jody starts choking and coughs up blood.

Meanwhile, Crowley gets a call and tells Dean that Jody will die in a minute.

Dean tells him that it's over and offers to turn over the demon tablet if he gives them the angel tablet. In Lost Creek, Colorado, Tommy Collins looks nervously outside of the cabin where he's staying with his girlfriend Shelly.

However, he collapses to the ground, his ears bleeding, as the growling noise echoes in his head.

Tommy finally falls to the floor as his head explodes.

Kevin wakes up on Garth's boat and checks his board of notes.