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Sex chat with grandmothers

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Sarah Bevan, 56, a county councillor from Bath, is unafraid to share her stance.

‘As a Liberal Democrat councillor, I’ve been approached to stand as an MP at the next election.'An increasing number of women in their 50s feel they can’t, or won’t, be the retired nan of a Werther’s Original advert, who’s waiting for grandchildren to materialise so she can be on hand at the drop of a hat.They don’t want to give up that much of their life.’For any mother planning a footloose and fancy-free retirement, the figures are sobering – the most recent (December 2013) show that nearly seven million grandparents in the UK provide regular childcare, for the most part so that the parents can go back to work.I love all crazy things: sex in unusual places to the supernatural ecstasy during sex.My life is all about erotic fun and sexual exploration!Then there’s the fact that most 50-something women are still working themselves.

One in four British grandparents have jobs – not surprising when you consider that the average age of a first-time grandparent is just 49 – while retirement age is set to rise to 66 in the near future, creating a 17-year overlap.

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I love them to bits, but I’ve almost done my duty – just a couple more years with the youngest. ‘Women see their friends lumbered with the daily care of grandchildren and fear that happening to them, too,’ says Lynn Chesterman.

‘We get calls on our helpline from exhausted and put-upon women, like the lady I spoke to who had just had a hip operation but was still expected to look after her daughter’s toddler four days a week while her daughter worked.

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