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Senior dating sights

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I also noticed that older women of color are hugely under-represented in makeup video tutorials.Here are some of the best professional makeup video tutorials for older women I found on the Internet.

Whether it’s a smartphone or a foundation, there’s always a new latest and greatest – or a many of them.Each tutorial offers suggestions on how we can change our makeup routines to look our best without trying to “look younger.” As the model in Lisa Eldridge’s video below says, “Embrace your lines.” Lisa Eldridge, Makeup Artist Lisa Eldridge has been one of the United Kingdom’s most authoritative makeup artists for over 20 years.In this tutorial, she demonstrates techniques on 64-year-old Yvonne, who happens to have lots of wrinkles. Cosmetics, like high-tech gadgets, are always being upgraded. It’s a little like my love-hate relationship with technology.I started my search on Google and Google Video, and continued the hunt on You Tube, Vimeo, Pinterest and even Twitter.

On each platform, I used the search phrases “makeup tips for older women” and “makeup tips for women over 60,” plus “over 70” and even “over 50.” I could barely stand to watch some of the videos, because the language was so ageist.

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That’s one thing I’ve finally learned: The makeup routine I got comfortable with decades ago just isn’t right for me anymore.

Having decided that my makeup collection and techniques might benefit from a face lift (so to speak), I hopped online to look for instructional videos of practical makeup tips for older women.

And both are based on age, personal taste and lifestyle – just like with technology.