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The same can’t be said for Katie who Scheana uninvited from her party.

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It was awkward to watch the first time around, knowing that they announced their divorce before Season 5 even aired and it felt even more cringe-worthy seeing it again after she made those comments to Lisa about Rob.It all stems from another podcast that Scheana did.This all went down after the Season 5 reunion, which did not go the way that Katie expected.Katie was getting married, and it was like ‘oh gotta jump on that bridesmaid bandwagon.’”Katie reminded us of Scheana’s immediate disappointment after she made up with Stassi in Palm Springs.Katie said, “She was the one encouraging me to give Stassi a second chance,” but I guess Scheana didn’t mean it or she changed her mind since her “I feel left out” storyline resurrected immediately.Katie defended her man and Sandoval saying, “Isn’t it called Tom Tom?

I understand Ken and Lisa have the experience and most of the capital coming into it, but if you’re going to call it Tom Tom, they’re not like so minor.” Fair enough, but Sandoval could have conveyed his concerns in a more tactful way.

Katie said, “From there it was just a lot of deflecting and a lot of defense.

I feel like with Scheana she likes to blame things on me.”She theorized, “I tried so hard and it always felt like it was never enough unless I was only her friend or closer to her than Stassi [Schroeder] and Kristen.

That was the only way she was going to be okay with it.”Kristen shared her view of Scheana as a friend: “Now that I’m not close to Scheana anymore and I’ve finally taken a step back, I notice that Scheana is BFF’s or Snapchat best friends or Instagram best friends as it’s convenient for the look. Whoever she’s going to look like she’s saving or rescuing from ‘bad friends.’”Kristen even provided examples: “Like when Stassi was alone, she was like Stassi’s only friend.

When Stassi and Katie weren’t friends, she was Katie’s best friend.

She recalled, “Everything was great leading up to the reunion and then we were all blindsided at the reunion by Scheana’s sort of position on things and the way she talked about us.”Katie continues, “On this person’s podcast, the host was like ‘What is the deal with Katie? ’ And Scheana with almost zero hesitation was like ‘The thing with Katie is that she just doesn’t have a lot of friends. I have tons and tons of friends.’ She just starts talking about herself.” Scheana making a conversation about herself? Come on, this is the same person who performed an original pop song at her engagement party while she was wearing gold shorts on top of a bar.