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Ousai Academy is a school that has recently turned co-ed. Shino visits Takatoshi at home and meets his sister Kotomi. Another beach party followed by a test courage, and a local festival. Yokohama joins the council members for a king game. Takatoshi and Kotomi attend a wedding and discover that they will be cousins-in-law with Uomi. The council members visit a burger joint, and later do karaoke.

For longer than he can remember, Kirino has ignored ...See full summary » About an antisocial high school student named Hikigaya Hachiman with a distorted view on life and no friends or girlfriend.His life change when he was forced to enter the "Volunteer Service Club" by his teacher.She comes from an affluent family and is the most physically mature character.However, she has a strongly perverted mind; like Shino, she has a habit of twisting every word and thought into something sexual.Ryuji Takasu lives in a falling down house with his mother, and although being a nice guy is cursed with the evil look of his father causing people to avoid him. See full summary » Houtarou is usually quite apathetic, however his sister forced him to join the classic literature club.

Once there he discovers some information regarding an incident surrounding one of the...

Many of the jokes involve her childish appearance or height and she flies into a rage whenever such subjects are mentioned.

She feels very dependable of Tsuda and feels uneasy when he's not around. For career day, the school chooses Aria’s maid Dejima to visit the school. Kotomi briefly takes over as vice president while Takatoshi is away.

A young man in his last year of middle school trying to get into the same highschool as them is constantly being seduced by his slightly older step-sisters. See full summary » Sakura Dormitory is a dorm of the high school affiliated with Suimei University of the Arts (often shortened as Suiko), which hosts the strangest, most trouble-making students.

Sinopse: Takatoshi é um novo aluno de uma escola que recentemente começou a aceitar homens, logo em seu primeiro dia ele é convidado a participar do conselho estudantil, sendo o único homen do conselho ele se torna o vice-presidente.

Although both of them went to different high schools. Kotomi remarks on her reputation of being the sister of the vice president. The council girls visit Takatoshi and Kotomi to help clean their house, and stay over. The council girls participate in the Miss Ousai contest. The council goes skiing, talks about self-defense, does environment cleanup, and rides in Dejima's limo. Takatoshi gets chocolates from the girls on Valentine’s Day. The council ponders exercising, hosts a lost and found, and work on Halloween activities.