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Sedimentary dating

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Therefore, appropriate sampling strategy and conditions are crucial to ensure reliable ESR ages.

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L’application de cette méthode est fortement dépendante du contexte géologique/géomorphologique et de la qualité du matériel prélevé.Therefore, reveal being the most appropriate for ESR analyses.It means that it is better sampling pure sands than silty sands.Néanmoins, il est préférable de contacter un spécialiste de la datation par ESR avant de commencer les prélèvements sur le terrain.The Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) dating of optically bleached quartz grains extracted from sediments has progressively become an important tool for archaeologists, geologists and geomorphologists because this technique is applicable to very diverse archaeological settings and depositional environments (fluvial, marine or aeolian) (e.g. (1985), the number of publications reporting ESR results likewise the demand for ESR dating studies have considerably increased over the last decades.According to Voinchet (2015), sands carried out by water are usually better bleached at the time of their deposition than aeolian sands.

Moreover, within the water transportation mode, the clearest transport environments should be preferred.

somewhat higher than that for OSL dating (see an example in section 6.5 from Duval ., 2017).

A metallic cap may be used so that the tube can be easily hammered horizontally into the outcrop.

Loess is a special case in which an overestimation of ages is systematically observed due to insufficient bleaching (turbulent transport clouds preventing sunlight contact).

In the field, sediment should be examined for evidence of disturbance such as bioturbation (from roots or animals), pedogenic processes (clay illuviation or segregation) or post-depositional reworking because it can mix grains of different ages in a sedimentary profile or alter dose rate conditions over time, respectively (Bateman Sampling conditions are very similar to those for Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) dating, although it should be mentioned that ESR signal are much less light sensitive than the OSL signals (see fig.

Finally, the tube (sealed and labelled) should be introduced into an opaque ziplock bag labelled with the same code.