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Security camera office sex

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She also had a much flatter and tighter stomach that Jenny has.My wife is a knockout currently but now I was seeing what she might have looked like 20 years earlier.

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Not in the bedrooms or bathrooms, but I had nearly every other square inch of the house monitored.She was talking on the phone and slowly walking through her new home checking things out.She would stop to open a drawer, flip a switch, or peek inside a door.I spent quite a bit of money for a state of the art system.The kids moved in the day we returned from our honeymoon, two weeks after the wedding.Mary ate breakfast while staring at her phone and then got up to clean her dishes.

She shuffled through the hallway, up the stairs, and into her room, unknowingly on camera the whole time.

I married Jenny in September last year and since I already owned my home, in a desirable school district to boot, we decided to live there for a few years until her kids were out of school.

She had 3 kids from a previous marriage and since I was never able to have kids I welcomed hers into my life and of course, into our home.

I was looking directly at her silk panty covered pussy and her big firm tits stretching the white fabric of her tank top. My dick was growing in my pants so I went over and shut the door to my office.

I have actually jerked off in my office before when I felt I needed the release and this could potentially be one of those times. I don't know if Mary saw something on the tv that she liked or if she just felt the urge, but her hand started circling her own tits.

Her tiny bikini panties were creeping into her ass as she walked around, forming a small triangle at the top of her perfect round ass.