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Schwarzenegger signs bill mandating restroom use

L PHR*L; finance TP-PB; there's been THAEURBZ; in this case TPHEUBG; nick TPH*EUBG; Nick TPH*EUBGD; sexual SEBLGS; sexually S*EBLGS; harass HARS; harassed HA*RS; harassment HAFRPLT; fiance TPAOEPBS; fiancee TPAO*EPBS; about me PW-PL; about my PW*PL; I get *EUGT; I got *EUGTD; recent RAOEPBT; before that PWR-LGTS; before this PWR-TSDZ; apart PA*ERT; party PAERT; complaint KPHRAEUPBT; who was WHOFS; who was the WHOFTS; nervous TPH*FS; human resources HAOURPLSZ; analyze TPHALZ; analysis TPHALS; analyst TPHA*LS; advice STKRAOEUS; advise STKRAOEUZ.: Q&A: Watson WAOPBTS; approximately P-L; pathological PAO*LT; examination KP-GS; patient's PA*EURBTS; pathologist PAO*LGS; asbestos SPWES; asbestosis SPWESZ; diffuse TKWAOUS; it has to be T-TZ; index TKEBGS; emphysema SAEFPL; it can be T-FRBG; diagnosis TK-GS; rely R*L; realize R-L; rely on RO*L; relied on RO*LD; resolution RAOUGS; let's see SHRETS; let's say SHR*ETS; review R*FR.

12-8-17: Q&A: birthday PW-RD; I just *EUPBLG; I can't have KWRA*F; you can't have TKWRA*F; where that WR-LGTS; not really TPH*RL; I really *EURL; anyone TPHEUPB; anyone else TPHEUPBLS; burger PW-RG; hamburger H-RG; cheeseburger KH-RG; take TAEU; take a TA*EU; anything like TPHEUL; anything like that TPHEULT; day of the TKAEUFT; day of the week TKAEUFBG; day of the accident TKAEUFBGS; days of the week TKAEUFBGTS; days a week TKAEUFBGZ; all day AULD; had you ever been H*UFRB; have you ever been SR*UFRB; did you do TKURPBLGS; what did you do WHA*UD; what do you do WHAO*UD.Lit: I read EURD; we read WERD; avoid SRAOD; commonly KPHOPBL; expression SPREGS; associate SOET; features TPAOEFPZ; in our lives TPHO*UFRLZ; interpret SPWERPT; interpreting SPWERPGT; knowledge TPHOPBLG; summon SPHOPB; determine TKERPB; determination TKERPBGS; allows HROUZ; allowed HRO*UD; loud HROUD; how often HOUFPB; partner PARPB; instant STPHAPBT; instantly STPHAPBLT; acquaint KW-PBT; acquaintance KW-PBS; instinct ST*EUPBGT; instinctive ST*EUFPBGT; instinctively ST*EUFPBLGT; selection SHREBGZ; vital SRAOEULGTS; carton KAORPBT; cartoon KAO*RPBT; portray POEURT; destiny TK*PBS; human HAOUPL; humanity HAOUPLT.1-8-18: Q&A: special SPERBL; specialist SP*ERBLS; expert SPERT; CV KR*F; omitted OEPLTD; graduate TKPWRAT; graduation TKPWRAGS; subsequent SKWEPBT; clinic KHR*EUPBG; clinical KHREUPBL; assistant SAPBT; professor PROEFR; geriatric TKPWAERBG; dementia TKPHEPBT; swallowing SWOELG; psychiatrist SKR*EUS; psychiatry SKR*EUT; Internet SPWERPBT; publication PUGS; mention PHEPBGS; mentioned PH*EPBGS; informed TPH-FD; can you tell us KUTS; cuts K*UTS.1-3-18: Q&A: are you employed RUFRPD; are you currently employed RURPBLD; when was the last time WH*LS; when is the last time SWH*LS; where you were WRURP; where were you WR*URP; last time HRA*PLS; the last time THRA*PLS; Kmart KPHART; what did you WHA*U; what did you do WHA*UD; Las Vegas HRA*FGZ; LA HRA*; highest HAO*EUS; heist HAO*EUS/HAO*EUS; Roosevelt RAO*FLT; high school HAOEUS; High School HAES; incident EUPBT; incidence EUPBS; that we TWHAE; that we are TWHAER; 12 years #12-RZ; 12 years ago #12-RGZ.Lit: Microsoft PHOEFT; I used to EUFRZ; country KUPB; music PHAOUFBG; cowboy KOUB; do you hear TKAOUFRPL; I hear EUFRPL; I heard EUFRPLD; educate KAET; education KAEGS; civil war SWAR; Civil War SWA*R; challenged KHALGD; degrees TKPWRAOEZ; smartest SPHA*RS; daddy TKAED; lessons HREFPBZ; early ERL; we never W*EFRPB; always ALZ; in the morning TPHERPBG; in the evening TPHAOEPBG; one of WUF; one of the WUFT; one of my W*UFPL.Lit: imagine PHAPBLG; alien TPHAEUPBL; construct SKRUBGT; constructing SKR*UBGT; coverage KO*FRPBLG; identify AOEUF; millennial PHREPBL; Millennial PHR*EPBL; beloved PWHRO*FD; institutions STPHAOUGSZ; hotel HOELGTS; hotels HOELGTSDZ; restaurants STRAUPBTS; industry STREU; owner ORPB; ownership O*RP; fabric TPAB; loyalty HROEULT; Mc Donald's PHEUBGDZ; disrupt STKRUPT; disruptive STKR*UFPT; San Diego STKAEUG; current KREPBT; alarm HRAERPL; published PURBLD; Atlantic HRABGT; smartphone SPHAFRPBT; generation SKWREPBGS; confident K-FT; assert SAERT; assertive SA*EFRT.

12-12-17: Q&A: how long HOUPBG; have you been SRUB; 14 years #14-RZ; formal TPORL; former TPRORPL; formally TPO*RL; formerly TPRO*RPL; Hudson HUDZ; study STEUD; business PWEUS; did you receive TKUFBS; I receive EUFBS; I received EUFBSZ; license HR-PBS; certification SERGS; mortgage PHORPBLG; kind of KAOEUF; kinds of KAOEUFZ; last name HRAPLD; first name TPEURPLD; continue T-PB; continuous T-PBS; continuously T-PBLS; auto AO; continue T-PB; lurks HRURBGS; luxury HR*URBGS; dealership TK*EUP; relationship R*EUP; hardship H*EUP; citizenship S*EUP; model PHOLGDZ; models PHOLGTSDZ; modeled PHO*LGTSDZ; about how many PWOUPL.

Lit: invest TPHEF; resources ROURSZ; witness W-PBS; enact TPHABGT; drive TKRAO*EUF; derive TKRAOEUF; incur KRUR; chimpanzee KH*EUFRP; human HAOUPL; behave PWHA*EUF; behavior PWHA*EUFR; empathy KPWA*ET; revenge R*EFPBLG; primate PRAOEUPLT; compare KPAEUR; comparative KPA*EUFRT; assemble SAEFRPL; unique TPHAOEBG; series SAOERZ; series of SAOEFRZ; aside SA*ED; satisfied SAED; satisfy SAE; assess SES; access S*ES; punish PEURB; victim SREUBGT.

12-19-17: Q&A: couple KPHR-; a couple KPHRAEU; a couple of KPHRAEUF; junior SKWRURPB; college KHREPBLG; UCLA *ULG; I did EURPLS; I did not EURPLSZ; nature TPHAEUT; primary PRAERPL; primarily PRAERL; real estate RAE; license HR-PBS; a few AEUFR; let me HREPL; tell me TEPL; get me TKPWEPL; certify SER; certified SERD; professional PROEFL; business PWEUS; concerned KERPBD; at the moment T*EPLT; tempt TEPLT; about right PW-RT; broker PWROERBG; when did you WH*U; I believe EUBL; I believe so EUBLS.

Lit: college KHREPBLG; official TPEURBL; welcome W-PBLG; generation SKWREPBGS; graduate TKPWRAT; graduation TKPWRAGS; education KAEGS; educate KAET; at risk TR*EUFBG; terrific TREUFBG; suppress SPR*EF; express SPRES; caustic KAUFBG; column KHRUPL; columnists KHR*UPLSZ; Russell RULS; infuriating TPAOURGT; fascinate TPAFT; fascinating TPAFGT; adolescent TKHREFPBT; adolescence TKHREFPBS; novel TPHO*FL; novelist TPHO*FLS.

12-20-17: Q&A: you testified UFTD; you testified earlier UFRTD; how did you TKHU; how do you TKHAOU; how did you find TKHUFD; how do you find TKHAOUFD; how do you get TKHAO*UGT; how did you get TKH*UGT; prior to PRAO; what you just WHA*UPBLG; I just *EUPBLG; it was just T*FPBLGS; as an SA*PBZ; San SA*PB; is an SAPB; ginormous SKWRAOEURPLS; picture PEURBGT; picket PEUBGT; I listen EUFPBL; you listen UFPBL; I listened EUFPBLD; when you look WHUBLG; I look EUBLG; when you look at WHUBLGT; when you look at the WHUBLGTD; I didn't think KWR*EUPBG; you didn't think TKWR*EUPBG; I get *EUGT; you get *UGT; you got *UGTD; how old are you HAOURLD.

1-2-18: Q&A: part of PAFRT; part of that PAFRLGTS; part of this PAFRTSDZ; audit AUTD; appropriate PROEP; federal TPERL; gather TKPWAER; gathering TKPWAERG; if I'm TPAOEUPL; to understand TOPBD; data TKAT; to make TO*PBLGD; to make sure TO*PBLGDZ; reflected TPHREBGTD; experience SPERPBS; don't understand TKOEPBD; it's not *EUPBTS; incidents EUPBTS; determine TKERPB; determination TKERPBGS; it would T-LD; it would have T*FLD; it would have been T*FBLD; review R*FR; what was the WHAFTS.