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Schizoid dating

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Automatisms are sequences of activity that occur without conscious control.

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Many of these terms refer to expressions dating from the early days of psychiatry in Croatia.Automatic behaviour is not usually recalled afterwards.Autoscopy is the reduplicative hallucination of "seeing one's own body at a distance" and the person sees it from the place where he or she is located.Today the term is used most often to refer to a specific developmental syndrome (see autism spectrum).Autistic thinking is a term used to refer to thinking not in accordance with consensus reality that emphasizes preoccupation with inner experience. More generally, it means thinking that is guided by internal wishes and desires regardless of external real-world factors.In the former, speech, though adequate in verbiage, conveys very little information and may consist of stock phrases or vague references.

In poverty of thought, by contrast, there is a far-reaching impoverishment of the entire thinking of the patient, who, as a result, says very little.

Generally, the object appears far away or extremely close at the same time. Also see #Lilliputian hallucinations Literally, this term means "not having words".

The term may refer to either "poverty of speech" or "poverty of thought".

Apperception is a normal phenomenon and refers to the ability to understand sensory inputs in their context, to interpret them and to incorporate them into experience.

Failure of apperception is seen in delirious states.

In DSM-IV, it is described as Brief Psychotic Disorder (298.8).