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I'm waiting fcv thftt one person lo kxdc into the camoa and ask, "How come ya'll didn't «iuit to know dm a few maids ago? WUle Portsmradi has Icmgingly lodked sodss the Elizidieth River at Norfolk's prc»perity in the past, thjm|i are OD the load to change. Pho, ^^gfeda^ thoonnds of d^^ud worioen will be amo^ dto bigge« wl Boen if Viq^biiais get the dmoe to vole on t Ui walerwi^ activtt^. The mmyoofor- m e r f y duugbt was a cupcake wi O turn on yon quicker dim milk on asickstonk. H(Hies L "I do lots around here, and I woriced all day at the o£Bce! Evan and I are ^ "trying to find our niche." as he likes to say. Talking about all this reminds me of a linle story a friend told me last wedc It seemed a friend (tf a friend was having trouble gmingherhusbandto do my ch(»es«i Dund die house. The husband looked out die window and saw his wife laboring aw^.

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b^, b^ w M no iniea- Just die odier day a womm called to tdl me ditt one of her relatives watt out and boaghta$12.000auto- mol»Ie. "I took ^ ^ off so we cookl A) k to- g^Kf." "Oh yah. "Well.r Ub6hoiiietaabout«iho«." A few dqrs Iteer I pit to meet OM (tf the "ejqierts." Ite wh(de vtt wn ai thri Wing at an hrtnr in wnp anrt gm uaflk widi a aticty ctaa A. r/ie Virginia Beach Friday, January 6, 1995 Local News Fair Honest Objective ! 35 Cents Beach ekp^re^ possibilities of new ag program By LEECAHILL* C^ Cound Ftoportw If city council approves the VAgricultnral Reserve Program Aj[ARP) pnqjosed by the ad hoc Southeni Watosheds Committee, Viiginia Beach will be the first city in the st^ with such a program. (For more than 25 words there is an additional charge of $6.00 per word.) Call 547-4571 for Classified Representative SUNQUEST WOLFF TANNING BEOS New Commsrcial-Homa Tan- ning Unit$ From $199.00 Lamps- lotions- Accutories paymsnta low as $20.00 Can Today FREE NEW Color CMalog 1-800-462-9197. At least 120 acres Sm SIXTH, Pag* 10 Council offers li su pport to students' bike helmet resolution By LEECAHILL City Cound Refmter A seventh-grade class at Ken^isville Afiddk School hi B wrai its first rouiul in a campaign to re- quire Ucydi M «ged 14 and under to wear safisty hdmets.City Attorney Leslie Lilley was instructed to reflne the legal ramifications of the {H-oposal. However, some council m»nbas iffilicaied that, white di^ wtb A bt the resolution, they expres Md doubts diat they woidd vote for a local ordinuce which wookl midce U i Uegal for ynn^ers 14 nd un- der to rkle a bike wtduix we«ing a helme..Herewith some thoughts that have aheady been posted on computer bulletin boards. Cutomen cam p(w their onm dqi for atxae A^ or flni^ pe»«we diat S«^ canonier. "But most of our students like to take tteir time._We have S group of ladies who &me in ato' work. "A kx of the Mie g Ui i*m rash ri^ over to a briqr dofl and want to pick k 19." Sad Mid. "It's a quaint village and diere wasn't a doll shop here." Snell admitted diat her ties to Pu^o and Blackwitter run £v deqn- Uian just liking die location.Mix A atk) has beoi nude in our local daily i Kw^Hper dxwt Newt Gingrich's suggesting diat we braig beck(Hphmages. Call 011-44- 1243-37425^ TRUCKS FOR SALE CHEW - 89 S10 Blazer. "We even hii a ll-yearc U MBdeoi who mrie a j Iq B ty i Moeir te Oristntt." She ^M «toi ad EBd why Pnr) KWi chom for the dt M shop. "My husbwd's uncle ran a boadiouse in Blackwata for yeara." she said. Paqfi O Beautifully-crafted dresses in lusti fabrtes and cotors help Patty Snell of Chesapeidte's (to Us to become even more tov^. i^MMMtti Mtffl Hia HHMMittiattaa littttttttittafl Bi BHMaa MMa Ha Mi Biaftttaaiafla Ba 2 Vindiua B^ch Sim, mdav. 1995 Letters to the editor Riverboats: Virginia's best option for jobs?Wsnkta't tt be idoe tf ias Md of Ah ^ d of ftis tt^ corid Mke tt^ praitlqri MBU^adqdepo MQMl— a i»cti Be (tf die ki^ ^xon p An — wtt die pta EHB, flat pi^^ oa time? (for all pcx^iefti M) Jmmary 14, 1995 • l Oi OO AM. Self-esteem and personal power was what you felt when you knew your modier was the meanest man oa die block and nobody, but nobody dffled mess widi my member of your famdy or Mom would set diem straight.

Yoa6oa[dbil MR." n: I fcid ^ cdnm to i^ tas- taand. yoii woa U be hone by now." BMor The Comcilof avic Oqpmizariflm. Self-esteem was what cmie about because you knew your parents prayed for you.

After 2S years the {voperty owner could apply to boy back his development rights although the city is not bound to rolinquish them. Bicycle falls or c(^isions ve the m^ cause of c Mdrra's headnjoriea.

Much would dq)end (Ml die city's land use plan in effect at die time and die chffiige in dicumstanoes. 1950 Ford Pickup - Could use for extra parts or has good potenial to be fixed up. to 70 percent of die accidents, die studo M r^KMBd tt M cydtes were treated for ho Ki tnmna,of w Uch 400 were dddrea afed 15 ad nder «1io kler died ftmih^ ia^B^ The National Safe Kids Cunpoi^ repeated Aitt 80 percent of die fatid mxoti^ lo te ttu- de Ms, were Httes tet 80 pe R»« (tf fold M^de ^ivi M nd 75 pnc»tt of diartliiy fai^tea &3s H haw be» preveaed tf the (Ud had been weirt Bg a Ucycte bdmet — one oat of tfoee We ^Mm tavolves a bead mjoy Md fiw ott of five dnte for dl a^ ttmk from had in^Bies. and it fee Is so good I Pembroke family together again after 20 years of separation By VICTORIA HECHT Sun Edkor Wh» you've gc H eig^ chil- dren md dieir c^sping, you'd better belteve it's hard to get diem dl togedxr in one |dace tt anytime.

Hekfl MOf dtofl Htpo Utail Tve^abeiier UMi."h Ba M.''A bflho Ml Aoidd be erected ta fhw of te d^ton prtaoo. tte Otiz His Action Coi UUoa and tte League erf Wno MB Vcttn of Soodi Haiq Mon Roads, ail in Vir:^nk Beadi. They need your help o fic Uhaie p Mnge of a citiz«is in Wative ci SSa^ for Vl QEinla Beadi comcita Muk; dectim refbrm. Whedier diey were Hindus, i»gans or Christians those prayers meant a Ic^ Leave it to die "experts" to deter- mine diat diesediingsdon'twuk and in &ct have mva wcsks.

The Vbgi Bia Beach City Cmmcil has iqiproved die election plan am! ADD has bemme m ex|rfanation for every- tting fiom split ends to die rewn we have vi(dei K» in die seboois.

The money the property owner receives frtxn die city would repre- sent compensation to die land owner for not selling his land for devekspnientand woidid provide him or htf widi more capital to improve his farming c^xtation and make it more profit^e. to Vbftaki Bach, tte Mdratt tt^oned, IS Mc^le lidos w«e UPed ia motor v^cle and Ucyde 10 ^ Reunited. Especially when they Ve acat MMnplete with a 36-inch Scai^ Olfaia do Q.