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Volunteer teams living in the village and staff in the office use Water Guard to treat their own drinking water, and so each visit to the crowded borehole to gather and then treat water may serve as a mini-outreach on the benefits and safety of Water Guard.

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They also have Facebook and Twitter channels to reach out into the community.You're going to be seeing a lot of these ads during the campaign, so let's take a closer look at the claims this one has made.Before we do, it's worth noting these campaign ads aren't subject to the strict rules that prevent a candidate or party distributing misleading or deceptive information about their rival during an election. It's led by the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney, the Anglican Diocese of Sydney and 25 other organisations, many of them Christian.At times we bring in local community based organizations (CBOs) to do educational performances or outreaches about safe water, similar to the CBO performances given on HIV/AIDs or malaria.Throughout the years that we work in a village, UVP continues to facilitate safe water outreaches.Uganda Village Project staff conduct follow-up with all villagers who buy Water Guard, to ensure that they are using the product properly and to survey the household on the frequency that water-borne diseases are experienced.

The first national televised ad from the 'No' campaign of the same-sex marriage postal survey went to air last night.

We also have partnerships with local schools, encouraging children to adopt personal habits of hygiene, and to help their schools and their families adopt small sanitation measures like having ‘tippy-taps’ outside of latrines.

Tippy taps are locally-constructed hand washing stations that make it easy for people to follow good hygiene practices.

Over the course of our three years in each village, we hope to construct enough wells that every family is proximate to at least one clean water source.

The number of wells required, therefore, depends on the size and lay-out of the village.

Village Health Teams also sensitize the community about the dangers of contaminated water, and how to best to treat water for consumption.