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Each episode features celebrities' real life encounters with the paranormal as they return to the site of their traumatic experience.

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I really enjoy Ghost Hunters because well over half of their investigations result in total debunking, and find Most Haunted to be hilarious with its use of mediums and frumpy British women with Paris Hilton day-glo eyes fainting from fear/demonic presences all shot in lovely night-vision green. It feels like it was cobbled together from "leads" that Ghost Hunters rejected.The whole show is about Ryan and his partner, his enormous ego.He leads his troupe of doe-eyed coeds around, except when a case is deemed "too extreme" and orders them to remain at the hotel HAHAHA. The unwitting comedy of this show is all in how gullible the participants are.People who are overweight or obese, who have pancreatitis, who have diabetes, who smoke, who are African-American, have a family history of certain medical conditions that could raise cancer risk, or have a family history of pancreatic cancer itself are more likely to develop pancreatic cancer, according to the Mayo Clinic.Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are most commonly used to treat the cancer."I'd say five years is pretty wishful thinking," he said in the interview, according to a Huff Post report at the time of his death.

"Two years seems likely if you're going to believe statistics.

The episodes ranged from trailer trash families and single mothers with emo adolescents sitting around and scaring themselves, to an "interview" with a 5 year old about the monster who lives in his room (the monster goes RAWRRR, we are told).

All of these people calling upon a college club to solve their problems.

An investigative series that pairs Steve Di Schiavi, a retired Homicide Detective with the New York City Police Department with more than 21 years of active service with psychic communicator...

See full summary » An American paranormal anthology previewing stories told by the victims.

See full summary » Zak Bagans, host of "Ghost Adventures," is fulfilling a lifelong dream of opening a museum in downtown Las Vegas, full of the haunted and cursed objects he has been collecting through the ...