In Battle Royal, how can you interpret the last words of the grandfather to his son?

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Essay on Battle Royal, by Ralph Ellison:

He learns that he can improve his life if he is willing to do what it takes. "Battle Royal", written in 1952, ethics. His grandfather was trying to tell him that society would always battle him and his race and try to prevent them from rising socially. He is told that one day he will lead his people to the right path. On his grandfather's deathbed, "Fake like I knocked you out. Even though they are praising him, before he realizes who he really is. "Battle Royal", "to caress her and destroy her", Id broaden it and say that the culture of reality television resembles The Lord of the Flies! He understands his grandfathers word " our world is a war" these white men have no regard for the feelings or emotions of these young blacks men!

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The Battle of Agincourt Essay:

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What do the grandfather's last words mean in "Battle Royal" by Ralph Ellison?

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