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My opponent was wayward, very few darts went anywhere near the twenties.A horrifying thought went through my head…I might actually stand a chance. I threw terribly…scores of 20s and 30s and some single figures to boot, I was starting to panic.

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Upon arrival, things seemed different to last year. Odd I thought, considering this one is normally capped to 64 participants.How people go about eating healthily at evening darts tournaments will always remain a mystery, certainly the range of fast food on offer at the bar hardly appealed.I’m not entirely sure how one goes about arranging 109 darts players into some semblance of order but if there’s one man who knows how then it is Paul Butler.He triumphed 4-0 averaging 65.3 and was 44% on doubles – an eye watering standard that seems worlds apart from my level.I was encouraged however that his opponent average 46…maybe I might get lucky after all. Lee Williams, who I’d be seeing a lot of this evening won 4-1 against Colin Wallace.A 69.8average played a 64.9 but it was perhaps Lee’s 40% on doubles that proved the difference. It was nice to score a few of the opening games, Alan Casey and Ben Burton have been very kind in their feedback about it so I’m glad to see there is interest.

But there would be no live scoring on the next game…for I was up next.

Just before starting, I noticed Ned Boulting and the ITV crew had setup camp next to a pillar to gain a view of the unfolding action.

I took this chance to tell him that I think ITV do a good job of their UK Open coverage. On the whole I think their presentation is very good, it is just the fact they only cover one board which is a major drawback.

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Ah the UK Open qualifiers at Riley’s Sports Bars, my world championship.

This threw me slightly, although I have been a previous beneficiary of the “Chalk for fiver” unwritten code at tournament darts.