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Ruining a friendship by dating

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I suppose when there's a painful history, people straddle that fine line of being paranoid but blessed with intuition. She blurted out: "you're not seeing someone else are you?"Paul confessed: "I've met someone." It turns out Paul had a girlfriend in India while telling Karen he loved her, while buying her the gift, and the whole time they stayed in touch while he was away.

Paul also confirmed that he was truly in love with her.And yet you still have no idea what to do about it.Because the question of, “Will this ruin our friendship?Paul continued:"I thought I better tell you before you found out through Facebook," which was painfully ironic considering Paul had helped Karen recover from the time she found out a guy was cheating on her via Facebook.So here was Karen, hurt again after letting her guard down and going against her personal rule: never make the same mistake twice.Most of my "we'll get married to each another if we don't find anyone else by age XX"friends are off the market, but one still remains: Karen.

She'd make a great wife because she's passionate and giving to her friends and family, she gets angry at me when I least expect it, and she's constantly disappointed in my antics. As Karen's friend, I am privy to her terrible experiences in the dating world, and I curse the jerks she meets along with her.

Plus, until they settled in to being friends, Paul hurt Karen numerous times. They discussed other people they were dating, and Paul was always there for her to help her deal withthe many losers she met once she hit the post-college dating world.

Recently, Paul found out he would be working in India for a while.

Or is it best to never forgive because they'll just end up hurting you again?

You’ve been friends with this person for months, maybe years.

” burns in your mind every time the subject is brought up.