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[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky] The weather cold The weather so Chill, Chilly Willy penguin feather roll Cause I’m sipping Pro’ Yeah that ‘meth is pro’ Promethazine, yeah a stepping stone Oh they acting up? [Hook: Monty] Right back, baby I’ll be right back Throw it on me like you tryna fight back I know she want me, I would prolly’ wife that I’ll do what you like, would you like that Right back, baby I’ll be right back Throw it on me like you tryna fight back I know.

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Police searched the empty room - finding clothes and used condoms.Don’t wanna hurt you with my honesty But it seems to be causing friction between you and me When I mention anything ’bout my first love, my first love You always asking questions about me Way I used to be, way back when I first came on the scene Which some how ends leading back.[Verse 1: Craig David] Oh yeah, yeah We started out being friends I had my girl, and you had him Who would have known, we were ready then (Cause I’m holding you tight, in the middle of the night After we just finished love making) We both waited, withered the storm Could’ve cheated, but knew.I gave up everything I have ’cause I know nothing matters As long as you’re here with me So no more [?] their flings on, I am on their things , no As long as you’re here with me See, I got this crazy feeling I can’t fight But I see you’re hesitating, you think.#New Profile Pic Zqg MRCf QM💜💄🌼🌹🌷 Cdcb Iw KNLetho 😍❤💓💜💛 @Sjava_ATM I would like you to try doing a collabo w/t @nelisiwe_sibiya 😭🙏 found this on You Tube & it's the rea…

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Just off the coast the waves are crashin’ Sirens call us to the rocks Everywhere the lights are flashin’ Maybe we have fallen Maybe we should call the whole thing off This is dangerous But we need to feel the rush I keep sayin’ I can’t keep playin’ this game, this game But I keep.

[Verse 1] Pain ain’t a choice, it’s feeling when there’s no way out There once was a time I believe in only what was in front of me [Pre-Chorus] Climbed to the steepest point of no return and found nothing out And that hurt the deepest but my faith won’t let me find retreat [Chorus].

[Verse 1] Your mother influenced you Trouble just likes to call your name Backseat with the windows down Keep on driving, driving Skin just like summer rain But eyes wide, you know something I don’t Some distant underway Keep on driving, driving [Pre-Chorus] I lost myself in the maze of your mind I’m never getting.

A 25-year-old British tourist identified as Reece Vella, has been arrested over the death of a Thai hooker Wannipa Janhuathon, 26, who plunged five floors to her death as they had "strange and extravagant" sex on a balcony of Saturday morning in Pattaya, Thailand.

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