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Rob dyer and lights dating

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Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney’s crooked look at married life, love and kids continues to impress even as it treads into darker territory.Infidelity, farting, death and job worries all combine into a comic soup that feels painfully real when considering its mismatched but still lovable central couple.

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That was a great start, but with the second season, they’ve truly taken the gloves off and explored what they can do.Well, worries about paedophile chat services users.Around the typically strong main players, the likes of Stephen Tobolowsky and Matt Ross continue to impress.Wrapping up a popular series – especially one that has been as much-discussed and dissected as – is no easy task.Lena Dunham and her team pulled it off with the last season for Hannah, Shoshanna and the rest.The Demogorgon may have finally buggered off, but Will (Noah Schnapp) is still feeling the effects of his trip to the Upside Down and seeing visions of a bigger threat to his hometown.

But forget that: Lucas (Caleb Mc Laughlin) and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) have girl – and pet – problems, there’s a new kid at school challenging Steve’s (Joe Keery) crown, and everyone apart from Nancy (Natalia Dyer) seems to have forgotten about Barb…

It’s a testament to the pair (who write as well as star) that “Rob” and “Sharon” never outstay their welcome.

The death of Carrie Fisher – who lights up every scene in which she appears – will cast a heavy shadow over the future, but , as he plays twin brothers Vincent and Frankie Martino.

Allowing the characters to reach a new level of maturity while maintaining what those who found the show’s groove liked about it.

Certainly, the series and its characters could still be frustrating, but if you’d made it this far with Hannah and her friends – sometimes that term can be fairly loose – you’ll have enjoyed where the journey took you.

Sure, it could be soapy and weird, and it often hewed close to the edge of abject chaos, but achieved what its characters only dreamed of: it made a success from putting women’s wrestling on TV.