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Caring: Pippa clearly relished her role as maid-of-honour, which involved escorting three of the youngsters - (left to right) Billy, Grace and Margarita - to Buckingham Palace as part of the wedding procession Though seen leaving his mews flat in his £280,000 Rolls-Royce, tattoos fully covered in a pink shirt and slightly odd grey tail coat with grey waistcoat — tan freshly topped up courtesy of The Electric Beach in the days before the wedding — no one spotted him going in to the Abbey as the world was distracted by the fashion parade.Stocking Sex Videos – Site Rip Welcome to Stocking Sex Videos!

Many women would have been quite happy to wear Pippa’s dress themselves as a wedding dress.One-time flight dispatcher Michael Middleton (‘What a day for the Yorkshire son of an airline pilot!’ a BBC commentator helpfully announced) has never seemed like a man who relishes attention and looked less than relaxed about dispatching his elder daughter into the Windsor family.The day might have belonged to the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but the supporting cast were almost as gripping, and none of them more so than the members of what is fast becoming Britain’s most famous and fascinating family.Indeed, you could even say that the Westminster Abbey Show felt just as much Bucklebury (the Berkshire village where the Middletons live) as it did Buckingham Palace — despite all the trumpeters and foreign dignitaries.Since 2006 many women and men upload their hot videos and pictures to the site.

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There was nothing to suggest the night would bring anything out of the ordinary. There was a disturbance at a house near the prestigious University of Washington. Fearing reprisals, neighbours who had called the police refused to give their names.

He drove to an area called Greek Row, well known for fraternity parties among rich students letting off steam. The officer suspected "some kids" were just playing their music too loud, but what he found was no run-of-the-mill summer student party: he later told colleagues it was like a scene from Baghdad. The police officer called for back-up as the youths began throwing rocks at the windows of houses on the neat, tree-lined streets.

) had an equally key role, being — unusually — the only lay speaker, and definitely the only one without a bushy grey beard.

The 23-year-old Cake Kit entrepreneur and wannabe Richard Branson also looked as if he’d had a close encounter with a Fake Bake spray gun (though rumours that a company had set up a booth for the family the night before in The Goring Hotel were quickly denied).

One wit remarked: ‘It would have looked particularly good for a beach ceremony for a wedding somewhere like Ibiza.’ Responsibility: Pippa walked down the aisle with the two youngest bridesmaids Grace van Cutsem (left) and Eliza Lopes (right), both three.