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More City Mayors investigates health issues affecting urban areas with an emphasis on health in cities in developing countries.

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On 27 February 2007, Mayor Daley was re-elected for a 6th term by more than 70 per cent of voters.Today, Daley & Georges continues to serve our clients in the time honored tradition of our past while expanding the firm's practice areas and outlook to serve even the most forward-thinking clients. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images) CHICAGO - OCTOBER 07: Chicago Mayor Richard M. The meeting follows the release of a cell phone video showing the September 24 beating death of 16-year-old Fenger High School honor roll student Derrion Albert in an after-school gang fight.In 1980 he was elected State’s Attorney of Cook County, re-elected in 19.During this time he campaigned for harsher laws on narcotics use and the overhaul of the state’s rape laws in order to secure more convictions.(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)Criminal Defense Attorney Mike Monico joins Roe Conn and Anna Davlantes to discuss former Mayor Richard M.

Daley’s failure to give a deposition for a federal lawsuit over alleged torture by CPD due to health issues.

In 2012, Daley partnered with Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson of Gary, Ind., on Sept.

25 to establish The Gary Project, an innovative collaboration among public officials, scholars and students to develop and apply creative public policy initiatives to help revitalize Gary.

The Daley family is legendary in US politics, the city equivalent of the Bush and Kennedy clans. Daley, was Mayor of Chicago between 19 and was dubbed “the last of the big city bosses”.

Only 13 years separate the two Daley administrations, the duration characterised by single term or acting mayors. Daley was US Secretary of Commerce in Bill Clinton’s second administration, while John P.

Daley stepped aside under the guidance of many esteemed partners who enjoyed exemplary legal careers. Daley’s son, Michael Daley, assumed his role as the head of the firm. He went on to serve as Secretary of Commerce for President Clinton and as Chief of Staff for President Obama.