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Revox a77 dating

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I am going to put them on ebay but wondered if you knew what they are worth. I am going to put them on ebay but wondered if you knew what they are worth. If you've ever seen a Scotch #150, you'll get the idea.

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1800' 48 minutes playing time each way @ 7 ips speed. Called the most "delicate" of recorders they incorporated a load resistance for intital start-up reels which were much heavier and required more motor torque to spin.Thus decreasing as tape wound to the pick-up reel and also greatly reducing any slippage or flutter through the heads. A three head system for 4 track stereo recording set this deck high on the audiophiles radar. Leader tapes remained opaque white with timing marks corresponding to the grade of tape. All tapes in this series came with Type 3 reels enclosed. Leader tapes were: Leading edge: solid blue w/ 'long play' repeated in white lettering.

Also note that the exterior box itself was adorned with the product information as an adhesive label.

Front panel Reproduce Level, Output level and Reproduce EQ adjustments as well as easy access to the tape path for cleaning, tape marking and editing make working with this deck a pleasure.

This one has had a switchable 1/4trk play head added enabling the unit to play 1/2trk or 1/4trk formats and eliminate the need for two decks.

This one is perfect with no perceptable wear to the tape path. Due, in part, to its magnificent design and construction. It's a play-only 3.75 & 7.5 ips deck with a 4trk and 2trk reproduce heads, built-in vari-pitch, high-quality headphone amplifier and LED level meters.

It's also a great performer that took top honors in almost every contemporary review. Plus it includes a remote control for transport functions.

It's a one-owner deck that was purchased as part of a complete system and almost never used.