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Reverse psychology and dating

They don’t sensor themselves or act like they’re afraid to be proactive in the friendship.Think of someone that you consider a friend and treat the person you like the same way. When you have convinced the other person that you truly “know” them you will build chemistry.

Relationships are made not in the time we spend together but in the memories left in our absences.The release of oxytocin bonds you to the person you’re sharing the experience with.Oxytocin can also be released through physical touch.They don’t jump at every chance to spend time with the other person.They don’t drop everything to be at their friend’s beck and call.Without desire there is no motivation behind the relationship to keep it alive.

The degree of this desire is what creates deep bonds and attachments that lead to life long friendships and even romantic relationships.

By being a good friend, you become an important part of someone else’s life, someone they can count on to add value and for pleasurable experiences.

By being a real friend you don’t place expectations on the other person and hold them accountable for how you feel. Just because you aren’t romantic yet doesn’t mean you should be doing all of the work.

It is by creating this enticement repeatedly that gets you from a friend to a boyfriend/girlfriend. Be prepared to invest at least 6 weeks to this formula and its initial stages. An over emphasis on emotions and expectations can kill desire quickly. Many people try to ad lib or vary from the formula or go off script but don’t. Act like a real friend who cares about the other person and not just what they can offer you.

Recognize that in order to control any situation you must first control yourself. In many cases those who feel placed in the friend zone, act like victims instead of friends.

The way to get out of the friend zone is simple: increase the level of desire to a sexual level.