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While critics initially wrote off the Google Chromebook as a curiosity, Chromebooks are gaining traction with consumers, in education, and in the enterprise.While the move to a Chromebook might make technical sense, it can be a jarring transition.

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You can download Gmail Offline from the Chrome Web Store, or you can select "enable offline" through your standard Gmail app settings.

You can use function such sine, cosine, and tangent, and the app will even store your calculation history. Users can do conversions for measurements, temperature, and currency, among other things.

The keypad is large and easy to see, and the UI is well-designed too.

By the way, you can use this functionality with the Chrome browser to get offline Gmail on any machine.

For users that do low-level image editing, the Pixlr Editor offers a free, browser-based photo editing tool for Chromebooks.

If you are like me, the quality of your workflow is contingent on the lists you make.