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Real life online dating success stories

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Though Tinderella still hasn't found her match yet based on her posts, The Writer was one of the most highly ranked dates she has written about in recent weeks. It's also for making meaningful relationships with others.

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Though he didn't seem right for her at first — he had a picture holding a baby on his profile, which wasn't something Andrea wanted to get involved with — things changed once they both started engaging in deeper conversation (the baby turned out to be his brother's kid). Unlike the other boys Andrea met on the app, Nathan tried.Nine months after they met, they married in Dallas.Dave and Lindsay didn’t expect they’d find the love of their lives on Tinder.Little did they know the app would change their lives forever.After their first date at Pita-Pit, according to each of their stories, their fate was sealed.Lindsay loved that he wasn't one of those nefarious "Tinder boys" she heard about in the past — and now, they’re getting married.

Not all romantic success comes from finding a loved one.

He put his all into the conversation, wanting to know what she liked and how she thought. “In one of those conversations, he asked me out on a date for the upcoming weekend.

As weird as it sounds, I never questioned if I should go out with him,” she wrote.

This lady was my second coffee date after 1 week on the site.

We met at the venue as strangers and left as firm friends 3 hours later and have been inseparable since....

Little did I know that my life was about to change drastically!