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In an article titled "The Negro's Greatest Enemy", published in Current History (September 1923), Garvey explained the origin of the organization's name: Where did the name of the organization come from?

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Tyler pulled a .38-caliber revolver and fired four shots, wounding Garvey in the right leg and scalp.He also founded the Black Star Line, a shipping and passenger line which promoted the return of the African diaspora to their ancestral lands.Although most American Black leaders condemned his methods and his support for racial segregation, Garvey attracted a large following.S., arriving on 23 March 1916 aboard the SS Tallac.He intended to make a lecture tour and to raise funds to establish a school in Jamaica modeled after Washington's Institute.Garvey's secretary Amy quickly arranged to get Garvey taken to the hospital for treatment, and Tyler was arrested.

The next day, Tyler committed suicide by leaping from the third tier of the Harlem jail as he was being taken to his arraignment.

He ultimately combined the economic nationalist ideas of Booker T.

Washington and Pan-Africanists with the political possibilities and urban style of men and women living outside of plantation and colonial societies.

After moving to New York, he found work as a printer by day. At night he would speak on street corners, much as he did in London's Hyde Park.

Garvey thought there was a leadership vacuum among African Americans.

Later that year, he moved to Colón, Panama, where he edited a biweekly newspaper, before returning to Jamaica in 1912.