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After seeing this, he decides to go to Cloral in order to stop Saint Dane, a demon traveler who wants the territories to go the wrong way, so he can recreate them in his own image.After Bobby, his uncle Press, and Loor, the traveler from Zadaa, arrive at the flume, Loor heads back to Zadaa and Bobby and uncle Press head to Cloral.

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Soon after, Bobby and Loor explained to Spader about how Saint Dane wanted to destroy all the territories in Halla.They swim out of the cavern they arrived in, and they are attacked by sharks.Bobby is saved by Vo Spader, the traveler from Cloral. They board a jet-ski like vehicle called a skimmer, and head to Grallion, a giant barge called a habitat that serves as a city.However, halfway through their plan, they are discovered and chased by the raiders.After the raiders chased them, Bobby decided to lead Spader to the flume.Sadly, Spader was only concerned in avenging his father by killing Saint Dane, whom they suspect poisoned the crops.

Bobby and Spader flume back to Cloral,where they find themselves heroes as Grallion defeated the raiders when their cannons were useless.

The inhabitants of Cloral live on giant floating barges, called habitats. Grallion is responsible for growing food for Cloral. Pendragon goes searching for a mythical city called Faar.

After leaving for home after his first adventure on Denduron, Bobby finds out that his entire history and proof of existence had simply vanished, including his house.

When they arrive, they find the clothes used by the people of Cloral, which were brought by acolytes, people on the territories who help the travelers.

They also quickly realize that Cloral is an advanced society.

He takes the map from them and looks at it, although they grab it back and escape to search for Faar.