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George Vancouver was the first European to visit the Seattle area in May 1792 during his 1791-95 expedition to chart the Pacific Northwest.

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Other notable village sites include the birthplace of Chief Seattle, which was located near the current footprint of the King Street Station.Seattle in its early decades relied on the timber industry, shipping logs (and later, milled timber) to San Francisco.A climax forest of trees up to 1,000–2,000 years old and towering as high as nearly 400 ft (100 m) covered much of what is now Seattle.However, Luther Collins, Henry Van Asselt, and the Maple family founded a farming settlement on what is currently the Seattle neighborhood of Georgetown in September 27, 1851.The Denny party's original site was an unfinished cabin, without roof, and a camp site, located at Alki Point, in West Seattle.He either owned or partially owned Seattle's first timber ships.

He eventually gave a land grant to the University of the Territory of Washington (later University of Washington), and was instrumental in the politics to establish an urban infrastructure.

Seattle made several attempts to build a railroad of its own or to leverage one to come.

The Great Northern Railway finally came to Seattle in 1884, winning Seattle a place in competition for freight, though it would be 1906 before Seattle finally acquired a major rail passenger terminal.

Today, none of that size remain anywhere in the world.

When Henry Yesler brought the first steam sawmill to the region, he chose a location on the waterfront where Maynard and Denny's plats met.

That charter was voided January 18, 1867, in response to questionable activities of the town's elected leaders. At the times of incorporations, the population was approximately 350 and 1,000, respectively.