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After 10 hours of research to narrow the field down to 11 finalists plus real-world testing in a pool and a rushing river in Vail, Colorado, we can safely say the Frē offers the best combination of performance, aesthetics, and price in a relatively small market.

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Agile Messenger: has a professional look and feel to it. Most people don’t need a waterproof case for their i Phone 6 or 6s, and even if they do, none of them are perfect.While the good ones are indeed waterproof, they won’t turn your phone into an underwater Go Pro kit or a dedicated waterproof camera—you’ll want the real thing for anything more than occasional recreational photos in the water.Brent Rose, who conducted our tests for waterproofness, was the lead action cam reviewer for Gizmodo and has written about action cams for WIRED, Outside Magazine, Fast Company, and the Wirecutter.As part of his testing, he regularly takes cameras out of the lab and uses them in the ways in which they were intended: while surfing, mountain biking, snowboarding, kayaking, and more. As we noted in our guide to i Phone 6 cases, an i Phone costs $200 to $950 in the U.This number spans multiple generations of Apple products, from the i Phone 4 to the i Pad Air and everything in between.

I’ve probably handled more i Phone cases than almost anyone on the planet, giving me a particularly experienced perspective and depth of knowledge when it comes to the category.

If our main pick is unavailable, Life Proof’s Nüüd ($75) offers the same level of protection for a higher price, minus a protective screen cover—a rubber ring around the edges of the i Phone’s glass forms a seal to keep water out.

This design offers the benefit of allowing direct access to the phone’s glass display while still keeping the case water-tight.

What these cases do provide is peace of mind when splashing around at the pool, kayaking down a river, or hanging out at the beach.

And in addition to keeping liquid out, a waterproof case prevents dust from making its way in, and most withstand drops to the floor better than standard cases.

And unlike with some other cases, the i Phone’s buttons aren’t made more difficult to press through the Frē and the phone’s touchscreen sensitivity is only minimally affected.