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Soap running all over her skin and through her pubic hair. It was designed to allow someone to put their knees into certain holes while leaning them forward towards the back. Paul finished off his breakfast and went upstairs to see if he could get into the bathroom. This allowed complete access to the rear of said user. "Ok honey, get into positon 33 by the wall." Sharon had learnt position 33 at Hackmoore's.

Copyright (c) 2001 by Firebird, All rights reserved. May not be reprinted in part or whole without the expressed written consent of the author. That's fine." This time Paul's dick wanted to rip right up out of his pants. Her pert little round buns yawed wide open, the cleft between them reduced to a shallow grove. Kind'a painful, especially if it goes on for very long. "Also don't hesitate to use it where you think it'll do the most good." Dave hurried out to get ready for bridge club, closing the basement door behind him. The vibration unit kicked on and began to hum in a low, powerful way that was entirely different from the usual battery operated unit. "Yes Mr Boggis." Before she got up she ran her tongue all the way down Matt's shaft and then quickly kissed the tip. The problem was that deep down inside Paul still just couldn't believe Dave really meant what he was saying. "Even better, give her those three whippings I promised her. It had been less that fifteen minutes since the dog's attentions and she was still wet and fully aroused. She had moved at the wrong time to try and dislodge the dildo up her arse and he stopped her with a whip across her tummy. "Cindy, the school called again to let me know that you were suppose to be there for summer classes. Sharon immediately went and did her mother's bidding. It's a kind of chair with a little metal prong about the size of your thumb sticking up from the seat. "You have just earned yourself one whipping for disobedience, and one extra one for misbehaving in front of a guest. Head down and ass up, her knees spread wide, her shaved sex gaped in open invitation. She will of course be unable to, thanks to all those special female hormones and stimulants the school treated her with. "You should find everything you need in one of those lockers," Dave said, pointing to a row of four cabinets against the far wall. You know, make 'em nice and firm so they don't get stretched out of shape. " With a sob of despair Melissa did as she was told. He apparently had done this before because he went immediately to her plump cleft and started lapping. "I think it's interesting to note that Melissa would rather die than show sexual response to a dog," Dave commented casually. She'll do everything in her power to resist the sensations. When they were done her red, swollen cleft gaped helplessly skyward. " She reached over and tested the tautness of Jody's tits. He got up, put on his dressing robe and walked into the kitchen. "All she ever does is sit around moaning about this and moaning about that." A few minutes later he heard her turn on the shower. When she returned the special chair had been set out by the table.

He was cooking some eggs when his daughter's radio turned on upstairs. The thought of her glistening body in the water started to turn him on. It was bigger than the others mainly due to the handcuffs and much stronger wood.

Man talk." When she was gone Dave pulled Paul aside and said, "Listen chum, I can see by the bulge in your pants that you're just dying to get at that cute little piece of teenage ass over there on the floor. Her sister Sharon's already down there, tied up over the trestle. That way it'll be fair for everybody." "What kind of deal? "You're going to send your daughter Cindy off to the same school my two went to, right? Paul had seen more than enough to convince him of the school's merits. "And when she gets back she'll be just as well trained as mine are." "I suppose so," Paul replied cautiously. You can do anything you want to my two daughters tonight. As long as I get to do the same things to your daughter some night after she gets back. " ----------------------------------------------------------------------- To Obey by Stevie Gee (Reposted by Fire-Bird) Chapter 2 "Getting A Buzz On" The two of them hurriedly stripped off Melissa's slip and carried her downstairs to the basement.

There's all sorts of canes and ropes and things down in the basement. This is a dream come true." "Matt." Rodney called out.

Finally when she knew all was lost she buried her face in her hands and let the spasms take her, her hips thrusting helplessly against the probing tongue. Ann Andrews shook her head and just smiled at the sight of her daughter and the dog on the floor. Hi Ann," he replied, his voice betraying his nervousness. I was just showing Paul the benefits of sending his daughter off to that girl's training school. When they finally passed Ann said, "Well, I hate to break up the show but we've got to be at the Henderson's in half an hour for bridge club." Dave looked thunderstruck. They threw Melissa down on a large four poster bed, spread-eagled her face up, and cuffed her wrists and ankles to posts in each corner. Rodney, Mr Boggis, Ivy and John took their stations in front of Jody.

She writhed and moaned and sobbed in helpless frustration at the brutally intense sensations streaming up from between her widely parted thighs. She wailed helplessly as the second set of spasms shook her. Melissa looked up at her father, her eyes pleading. She was cumming for the forth time when her mother walked in. There she goes again." Three pairs of eyes turned to watch Melissa clutch the carpet and gurgle into another long series of spasms. And I didn't even call the baby sitter." He glanced around wildly, his eyes falling on his friend. In fact it'll probably have the opposite effect." Dave shrugged. She was obviously shocked to see to see the two men carrying her naked, sobbing younger sister into the room. "Good choice son." Jody was taken over to a horse similar to the one Lisa had been 'popped' on. Jody's arms were stretched out to the sides and also cuffed and locked into place.

Additional ribbons formed the straps over the shoulders. Sharon shook her head frantically when Paul held up the plug, her big brown eyes pleading for mercy. As it was it felt like a bare wire had been shoved up her cunt and plugged in instead of a vibrator. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- To Obey by Stevie Gee (Reposted by Fire-Bird) Chapter 3 "Punished Puss" Paul found exactly what he was looking for in the whips cabinet. He began to message it into the girl's gaping sex and between her bottom cheeks. "Tell me Melissa, have you ever been whipped between your legs? I suspect that you're going to be much more sensitive than the women I've tried. All he had to do was reach around her hips and tap the handle of the dildo. Apparently they had a great time and loved every minute of it. Sharon is a little tender this morning and Melissa is walking funny but I'm sure they'll be fine by this afternoon." "Incidently, I wanted to say sorry for leaving a mark on Melissa's stomach." "Don't worry, she told me what happened and I gave her another whipping for moving when a guest was having fun." "Well, I've got some lawns to do. I think saugages will be good tonight." Later that day Dave was watching the game on TV when Melissa and Sharon got home from Summer school. "Lick me all over." Melissa started on his arms kissing and licking. Dave thought to himself, 'And to think it only took her three whipping to get her to learn this well.