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Quitting online dating

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I've come to learn that you can't "try" to quit watching porn or masturbating.People have this idea stuck in their heads that everyday is supposed to be a mental grind where you're constantly at war with your inner self, and fight with all your willpower to come out on top day after day. You cannot "try" to quit any more than a crackhead can "try" to cut down on crack if he wants to quit for good.

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After all, I was content with my mediocre quality of life.I didn't work hard to gain significantly better eyesight that allows me to see colors more vividly.I didn't work hard to gain a sudden increase in energy and increased physical and mental stamina.It doesn't even occur to me as a possibility anymore.In retrospect, when I look at all my past failures, I realize that I had a lot of false assumptions about what it would actually feel like to quit for the long is essentially the new age resurgence of men all over the world, who are quitting masturbation in a society which openly promotes it, in order to reach new heights in their life. I've attempted to quit porn and masturbation for nearly 5 years. It's only semi-recently that I made the mindset shift that I would never do it again. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't comfortable by any means, but I actually don't have to convince myself anymore "not to jerk off".

I personally didn't give it any credit and thought it was insane and pointless ...until I tried it out for myself. More than modafinil or anything that money can buy. It doesn't matter if I'm sitting up at 3AM alone with my computer or if I've had alcohol or whatever.

Watching TV for hours on end and and playing video games feels stupid and pointless.

Sitting around like a lazy bum and not getting shit done feels like I'm wasting my life. Whether its getting a killer body, building a business, or building up your relationships, anything worthwhile has a high toll to pay in terms of time and energy commitment.

I didn't work for a deep inner sense of fulfillment out of being productive and getting shit done. I didn't work to no longer care about other people's opinion of me.

These are all benefits that I received over time simply by virtue of holding in my energy.

Take my word for it and that of nearly 200,000 other people.