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Quick sex date montreal

Most other provincial or private insurance will pay you back later.

Since they won’t have your name, they won’t have any way of telling your parents.Without RAMQ, you can still get free treatment if you’re under 18.If you’re under 25, you can get free testing without RAMQ at clinics like Head and Hands near Vendome.They offer free, anonymous testing for HIV and other STIs every Thursday from 4pm-pm.It’s first come first serve, so it’s best to arrive a bit earlier.Note that you must identify as an MSM otherwise you will not be able to get tested.

Another option is the Clinique Quartier Latin, and they’re also open to anyone with symptoms.

They know how to support you, and nothing you can say will shock them!

Testing can help you spot an STI (sexually transmitted infection) early. It can also be less scary to be sure about your status! Denis Youth Clinic, and the Teenage Health Unit of the Jewish General Hospital are all great, understanding places to go for any healthcare and STI testing.

See below for more about each clinic, their phone numbers, maps, and their websites.

Whatever your age, you can call 8-1-1 to find your Montreal CLSC clinic for testing at a clinic or hospital.

Another option is Clinique jeunesse CLSC des Faubourgs near station Saint-Laurent.