The Mill on the Floss Book 5, Chapter 4 Summary

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Book the Third, Chapter 5, 'Found' Essay

He says that this will be his and Golden Ones home until they day, not because of a bell. This shows an insight into how Dickens wrote it and its first publication as weekly entries of Household Words. He snuck back to his tunnel where he writes all this and waits for tomorrow to come. They say Equality7-2521 should be burned or beaten to death for his crimes and that the light be destroyed. How often it is that women become attracted to the qualities possessed by their fathers, and ask to be moved from Street Sweeper? For the first time in several days Equality7-2521 writes in the journal. Stephen and Tom are very alike? Equality7-2521 carries her to bed then goes to the library and reads through the night. There will an exploratory into other work of Dickens and a comparison to other authors in the era. He believes that with his great find he will be forgiven of all his sins.

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